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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Matt Walsh on the Monstrous Nashville Transgender Shooter

 Matt Walsh is based in Nashville where the Daily Wire has its headquarters. 


  1. Oh for the days when "eating disorders" were the craze. And I know from experience with a cousin who was anorexic in the 80/90's. She's not any longer, but is still very, very messed up in the head. And was raised a JW...😓

  2. To me all shooters seem monstrous, killing any children or adults, of any religious faith or none.

  3. "It's a tidal wave of bloodthirsty rage from people who want you dead."


    And they are firebombing pregnancy help centers, threatening Supreme Court judges, shouting down people invited to colleges and universities to defend free speech. They form Antifa and BLM mobs that target police, loot, burn, and kill with impunity while Kamala Harris raises money for bail so they can continue rampaging.

    The left is filled with raging individuals who hate anyone who disagrees with them.

    My answer is Mary's "weapon" (according to the Atlantic), the rosary. "Pray for your enemies; do good to those who hate you."

    How many serious, faithful, God-fearing, church-attending Christians are committing mass shootings? A friend of mine was in court yesterday facing a possible 90 day sentence for offering moms roses and help in an abortion business. The judge recently tried to sentence some other rescuers to a more draconian sentence than the state allows. Killing children is justified, trying to save children is punished.

    I expect it to get worse.

  4. I like the idea of doing good. How about doing good towards those one hates oneself. Forgive people, I have hear, they know not what they do. Am I aware of what I am doing in thought word and deed. Maybe each time I wake up and realize that, I may need to forgive myself.

  5. Tolerance is not a virtue. These fake lgbtxyz are deeply sick in their sin. They need help and a punch in the face. It's long past flipping tables time. My prayer is that some leadership comes along somewhere.