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Friday, March 31, 2023

Audrey Hale is the Poster Woman for Transgender Vengeance

There is something so creepy and ironic about the Nashville shooting taking place on a day  leading up to the "Trans Day of Vengeance." It is even more creepy that the organizers were planning to go ahead with the event this weekend claiming there is "no connection" between the "vengeance" Hale carried out against her targets and the violent rhetoric of the trans community. Since their initial response, the organizers cancelled the event -- not out of respect for the murder victims, but: 

due to a credible threat to life and safety.... The safety of our trans community is first priority. This threat is the direct result of the flood of raw hatred directed toward the trans community after the Tennessee shooting.

What a bunch of BS from a group that constantly harps on the "hate speech" of their opponents. Will the real haters please stand up!  [Excuse the language in the photo, but it illustrates exactly where the violence is - not coming from the Christian community.]

But in true Alinsky fashion, never let a crisis go to waste. Once again the violent aggressors turn themselves into the poor victims. Get out your violins and play a Mozart requiem for Audrey Hale.

If you won't affirm their mental disease, use the "correct" pronouns, or refuse to celebrate their expulsion of biological women from what were formerly "women's sports," the LGBTQ crowd will target you for "vengeance." They will dox you, threaten your families, make you lose your job, and, in Hale's case, kill you or just kill randomly to express their rage. This is the victim status the current evil administration fosters. And taking away guns will not solve the problem. 

The only legitimate response from Christians is to pray for courage and double down on the truth. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a truth teller extraordinaire. Read his promises about truth and refuse to play the lying game! 

Yes, enter the make-believe world of those with dementia. That's a fairy tale walk. But never, never enter the sick and socially disastrous game of affirming the insane world of gender ideology and LGBTQ horror fantasy. No drugs or surgery can turn a biological male into a female or a biological female into a male. You only end up with a horror story like The Island of Dr. Moreau. Two people of the same sex cannot "marry." They are playing house and when they adopt children or pay a surrogate they inflict their delusion on innocent children.

Lying will not solve the problems of sexually confused individuals. Neither is it a loving act to freeze someone in their sin. Jesus loved the woman at the well enough to tell her the truth. The man with whom she was living was not her husband. Truth freed her. The same with the woman taken in adultery. (Where, pray tell her was her partner in sin?) Love speaks the truth in charity.

I am especially praying for the parents of Audrey Hale. What a painful time for them. It reminds me of Sue Klebold, Dylan Klebold's mother, who wrote A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy after the Columbine massacre. 

The response to hate must be love, but what's called for here is tough love, not a heartless "compassion" that affirms the lie. As we enter Holy Week and the Passion of Christ, let us embrace and make reparation for our own sins and the sins of others, following Jesus who is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

"One word of truth outweighs the whole world." Alexander Solzhenitsyn 


  1. "You have very little morally persuasive power with people who can feel your underlying contempt."

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  2. In all the news covering Hale the MSM has consistently MISGENDERED her. They have called her a WOMAN and referred to her as SHE. Will the transgender "community" sue the MSM - both individual news commentators and MSM corporate companies - for this egregious prejudice against trans people?

    Hale considered herself a transgender MAN, therefore the MSM and all news anchors, in tune with the trans agenda of strictly using correct pronouns, are criminally responsible for misgendering a transgender person. They should be saying that a MAN is the Nashville shooter and using HE/HIM pronouns.....yet not a word from the transgender "community" about this. Why is that? Am I the one who's confused here?

  3. Actions can certainly be contemptible, Susie.

    There's a wonderful image in George MacDonald's, The Princess and Curdie. The grandmother gives him the gift of being able to identify the beastliness in people by shaking their hands. The doctor who is poisoning the king is a snake even though he wears the mask of concern and compassion. Others have the cloven hooves of brute beasts. The good have the handshake of the honorable, knights and lords. It's an interesting image. People can make themselves beasts and many today are. Jane Fonda recently called for the murder of those with whom she disagreee. I wonder what her handshake would reveal.

    1. You know, I find it hard to understand people without knowing their stories. I once told two different family members that i had defined my purpose in life - it was to love people exactly as I found them without thinking I had to fix or change them.

      One told me, "That's a nice purpose."
      The other said "You're incoherent."
      I feel coherent♡

  4. All this transgender stuff didn’t happen naturally. It was the result of social engineering. Just think about it. Before a certain date not too long ago, did you know any transgender people? Me neither. Then Bruce Jenner came out as trans, and they had the show about the transgender kid, and news reports about trans people, and lawmakers making trans related laws, and all of a sudden, there were trans people all over the place. All this in a very short period of time. So how did this happen? There are many kids from broken families in broken cities. Kids with low self steem and with emotional problems, many of whom are under medication, with or without consent from their parents. These kids are very vulnerable to indoctrination, which happens through social media and through the school system. They weren’t born trans, nor did they become trans on their own. They were deliberately confused by very evil people.

  5. Hi, Mary Ann:

    Here's a piece derived from my own blog that I believe you will enjoy and perhaps also find some value in the recommendations I make. Keep up your fine defense of the truth in serving the Truth Himself.

    Do Not Play Progressive Word Games

    ....In writing, always use quotation marks with "transgender" (also “trans,” “trannie,” etc.) to signify that it is a faux term since nobody can change their genders. In conversation, be sure to make it clear that the term is not accepted and won't be acknowledged for the same reason. Don't ever give in on this, even for so-called politeness reasons. Apply the same approach to the despicable, anti-freedom-of-speech insistence that people must deny objective reality and refer to other people by their “chosen pronouns” that do not coincide with their biological/gender realities.

    Also, nobody can “transition” or ever has “transitioned” or is in the process of “transitioning” from one sex to the other. Such is impossible, so this must also be resisted and made clear that it is merely a fantasy that also attacks objective reality and God’s creative order. And, because nobody can so “transition,” it is also flat out stupid to wrongly praise some people for allegedly “de-transitioning” as if they had indeed “transitioned” from one sex to the other and have subsequently worked at reducing or eliminating any mutilation and so on from their ill-conceived efforts to change what cannot be changed. Such people can be praised and encouraged for recognizing the error of their initial efforts to try to change what cannot be changed, but in no way should this ever be looked upon rationally as actually “de-transitioning,” which is simply impossible.

    The roots of the term gender come from the Latin genus, which means kind, or kind of thing. As such, one objective and legitimate application of the term ‘gender’ is the classification (kind of thing) of organisms based on their biological sex. This being so, everyone is a particular and non-changeable gender or kind of thing, which is either the biological male gender or the biological female gender.

    Moreover, ever since the 12th century, the word 'gender' has been properly recognized and used as a synonym for the biological sexes, and this understanding/usage was made even stronger in the 15th century. As such, this rightful understanding of gender must not be surrendered to the “transgender” movement since they and their fellow travelers use their preferred yet still false definition of gender as a social construct and/or feelings a person has that may or may not coincide with their biological sex/gender to further promote their despicable agenda. We must always insist that gender and biological sex are synonymous to further demonstrate the folly of the "transgender" movement that proudly proclaims biological sex and gender are different.

    Many years ago the late, great Monsignor William Smith frequently advised that "all social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering." The more we give in to the use of such malevolent and false terminology used by "transgender" advocates (no matter how many doctors, psychologists, church leaders, and so on believe otherwise), the more we help to normalize the abuse of properly recognizing God's creative order of male and female.

    insist has nothing to do with their declarations to be the opposite gender than what their biological sex actually reveals?

  6. Anon: 3/31 1:17pm

    Excellent analysis.

  7. Thanks, James. Character limits actually cut off the last part, and that's why it looks odd. I thought I edited it out to take care of the limits requirement, but in any case, after the paragraph that ends with "recognizing God's creative order of male and female....., the final part reads as follows, which will clarify the final part:

    By the Bye:

    People who claim that they are "transgender," and that they "transitioned" tell the rest of us ad nauseum that gender is not really or ultimately about biological sex, and the fact that gender has been rightly used as basically a synonym or meaning virtually the same thing as biological sex should no longer be done.

    But if they really believe that their claims are true, then why do the vast majority of these mentally ill people go out of their ways (includes physically mutilating themselves in one form or another) to appear more like the biological sex that they insist has nothing to do with their declarations to be the opposite gender than what their biological sex actually reveals?

  8. Sorry my paragraphs hit mixed up:

    Blame where blame is due... The doctors... All of them... That permitted the genital mutilation doctors to do their mutilation in the name of medicine.


    It is similar to the quackdemic doctors but the transgression is more extreme with genital mutilation.

    I believe hospitals have gotten control of a critical mass of doctors (outpatient too) and are using student debt as a wedge. Many hospitals now force doctors to sign "no complete" clauses in their contacts which prevent them from leaving the hospital and setting up private practice in the same town

    So it's really the hospitals which means it's really the government, the payor.

  9. I understand both comments about your purpose, Susie.

    Everyone does have a story and God will use that story to judge the culpability of each of us because he knows the whole story.

    There's a difference, however, between knowing someone's story and recognizing that their actions are heinous and must be stopped. Did we need to put Hitler on the psychiatrist couch before opposing his evil philosophy? How about the Hutus in Rwanda who murdered so many innocent Tutsis?

    The "trans" community is using this tragedy that cut off the stories of six innocent people, three of them hardly past the age of reason, to make themselves the victims. Joe Biden actually laughed in an interview about the tragedy. Those babies mean nothing to him. The stories of those innocent victims, short stories indeed for those little children, don't matter to liberals. They are using it as another opportunity to double down on gun control while they blame the victims for their own murder.

    And then there are the untold stories of the millions of babies ripped apart in the womb before their stories hardly begin. Do their untold stories matter?

    Fulton Sheen once said, "America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance — it is not. It is suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.” So broadminded their brains are falling out!

    I will leave Audrey Hale's story to God's judgment, and I will pray for her. But I will condemn her actions and the raging vengeance of all the LGBTQ poor souls who are living a lie and targeting our children and grandchildren to spread their delusion.

  10. Mary Ann writes in another thread that publicly attacks me while lamenting attacks on SM who flat out lied:


    I guess I should have said I disagree that Susan lied in the first place. People can disagree without what they said being a lie. I considered your comment uncharitable and a public humiiiation. That's why I didn't print it. Matthew 18:15-17

    You obviously have more time to spend on this than I do. It's Holy Week and this is my last comment. I'm shutting down the thread.

    My reply:

    You write "People can disagree without what they said being a lie."

    This is ridiculously absurd. You view objective lies as non-lies and only disagreements. You are only fooling yourself by wrongly applying euphemisms to cover up lies, but the Catholic commitment to objective truth does not view objective lies and lying only as disagreements. I now feel sorry for you, because I thought you were committed to the truth, but spinning the lies of friends and claiming they are mere disagreements shows what matters more to you.

    Next, you considered my comment uncharitable and a public humiliation, but you obviously lack sound moral judgment to note the lack of charity and public humiliation of yours truly by SM, and now by you as well. Hence you let all of her nonsense attacks on me go but cancel me for telling the truth about her objective lies. How woke of you. And thanks for your own cheap shot of assuming that I "obviously" have more time to spend on this than I do. And thanks for attacking me in public, but not allowing me to defend myself in public. That's justice for you, from the Woke perspective, but not according to the precepts of Justice as set forth by Catholic Moral teaching.

    I challenge you to go back through the exchanges between the anti-West, pro-Sachs et al. SM and yours truly, and note who really lacks charity and who repeatedly not only lies, but also note how my good faith comments were dismissed arrogantly by SM along with "you should read more......" and the like that you did not take her to task for in public while wrongly doing so to me in public for telling the truth, all the while claiming that I am the author of public humiliation and hence the cancellation of some of my comments. Hypocrisy 101 on your part. You must be proud of yourself.

    You also used a biblical citation to try to support your position. Quite the Protestant approach, so in return, try this one: Matthew 10:37.

    Okay. So be it. Your own hypocrisy now on display is too sad and frustrating, and so you and SM can congratulate yourselves on your Church Militant type of self-righteousness, and come up with all sorts of excuses to defend lies while following the Left Wing approach of canceling those who point out the lies.

    Once again, unlike you and your last 2 posts that lacked charity, I still wish you the best for the remainder of Holy Week, and my final gift to you that you and SM can rejoice in is that I will not read or comment on this blog ever again. SM can continue her tirades against good Western morality and you can pretend that if she lies, they are just disagreements. But for me, my love for the truth and Truth makes it necessary to avoid blogs and websites and hypocrites that merely pretend to defend the truth, but when push ever comes to shove, the truth comes up second.

    Good luck, God Bless, and Good-bye.

    Omnia Vincit Veritas

  11. Wow!

    I figured you would do this, DB, and I happily give you the last word.

    I have no problem being criticized and condemned. It's a good week for it.

    In the interests of transparency lest there be any confusion, I will not post another comment about this.

    You had already said it all in the last few very long comments. This one is actually pretty redundant except for switching to me as the primary target. Thank you.