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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Good News from Red States! Let Us All Take Our Civic Duty Seriously: Defend the Common Good!

There's plenty of good news coming from some of our great red states: banning dangerous transgender drugs and mutilation for minors, protecting children from drag queen story hours and twerking shows, expanding school choice to offer a parents an option outside government indoctrination centers, etc. 

Now the challenge is to repeat these successes all across the fruited plains. As for California, I'm waiting for it to drop into the ocean. I just hope all my friends leave before that happens. Now check out the good news and thank God that we still have some responsible people who recognize their civic duty to protect the common good.

From the Volunteer State of Tennessee!

Tennessee governor signs laws banning drag queen shows and ‘gender transitions’ for children
NASHVILLE (LifeSiteNews) — Republican Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee signed into law last week a ban on sexually explicit drag shows for minors and a ban on transgender surgeries and drugs for minors. 

From the Razorback State of Arkansas!
On March 2, 2023, the Arkansas State House passed legislation that would establish a universal school choice program by the 2025-2026 school year.

In a 78-21 vote, the State House passed the LEARNS Act, which would establish a school choice program that expands annually to broaden the number of students who can receive school vouchers. This program would grant vouchers of $7,413 to students outside of the government education system. The bill also bans lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten through fifth grade and was passed in the State Senate by a vote of 25-7-1 last month.

“This is the beginning of our commitment as a state to put students first, and to look everyone in the eye and say Arkansas will continue to lead in terms of education,” State Representative Keith Brooks, said to the Associated Press.

If Sanders were to sign this bill into law, public school teachers’ base salary would be $50,000. Reagan Reese of Daily Caller noted that this represents a $14,000 increase from their current salary of $36,000. Teachers are eligible to receive an additional salary increase of $2,000 during the 2023-2024 school year.
From the Magnolia State of Mississippi!
Mississippi governor signs law banning ‘dangerous’ transgender drugs, surgeries for minors


  1. Sigh. School "choice" is a deceptive neocon Trojan horse to keep ballooning school taxes while converting private education options into government dictation domains.

    School tax money doesn't belong to parents. (And especially not while the definition of "parent" is up in the obergefellian air. Can you spell Harvey milk charter School?) The gov who pays the private ed calls the tune.

    Those who can, homeschool. Benefits student, and the taxpayer, and, while challenging, offers a renaissance experience for the homeschooling parent.

    It's the only way to implode the government school system, downsizing it to soup kitchen scale. Let the double incomes fund their own schooling.

  2. I have grandchildren in a Hillsdale charter school in Texas. I think my son and his wife would disagree with you. Personally, I have been impressed with the quality of the education there and have listened to my grandchildren recite historical documents. Not everyone can homeschool.

  3. I said, those who can. And is Hillsdale receiving taxpayer funds for this school? I thought refusing gov funding was their signature virtue signal.

  4. Don't know about funding. And what are those who can't homeschool and can't afford private schools supposed to do? Let them eat cake?

  5. What are those who can't home-cook and can't afford private restaurants supposed to do? I guess they will have to use the soup kitchen, but they would do well to learn to cook so that others can access the soup kitchen who really need it.

    And if the soup kitchen starts lacing poison into the pot (LGBT indoctrination) and gaslighting you that they're not doing so, do you continue to use it? Demand vouchers for a "charter" restaurant? But what if Gov puts (invisible) strings on that voucher that would also debase that charter restaurant? And even if these vouchers produced good restaurants, can you see how everyone and his brother is going to want some and so the tax budget balloons? Government handing out education (or food) without means testing is a recipe for disaster.

    The most expensive part of homeschooling is the second spouse income, though in this day of internet there might be ways for the entrepreneurial homeschooling family to make money, as the children age up. It is (mostly) the double income gov school parents, grifting babysitting off of tax funds, who are saying "let the taxpayers eat cake".

  6. everybody can home school after all.

  7. No, similar to soup kitchens I am thinking particularly single parent families could need to use gov schools

    But a lot more can homeschool, than do

  8. Rohrbachs is right. Government intrusion into education brings with it a whole lot of problems and is the overaching reason as to why this Marxist crap even exists (first they infiltrated the government, than they made the infiltrated government responsible for education). The only way to solve it is to eradicate the government education completely - that means tossing all regulations, all bureaucracies, all teacher unions to the wind and privatize absolutely everything. Only home-schooling or a fully private education system (best delivered by religious schools) is the way forward. Nothing of the government education must remain because it won't take a dozen years before the trimmed beast will grow into a gigantic monster again. It's just how these bureuacracies are - assign a bureaucrat to watch a sparrow and the bureaucrat will find a way to feed his family and associates and create a whole bureau under him. Look at the elite. You won't find them educating their children in those dingy government-funded schools. Those children will always be found in the best private schools.

  9. There are plenty of curriculum and assistance available for homeschooling parents, much of it free online. We went without a second income and homeschooled, and it was the best thing we have ever done. Our kids' personalities became radically different, much more affectionate and closer with us. Yeah, I got a lot of guff from co-workers and relatives, who were getting new cars every 2 yrs, going on cruises, Disney vacations. You find yourself the topic of conversation, ridiculed and pitied for driving an old beater car, wearing second hand clothes, simple home entertainments like cookouts instead of the latest fancy restaurant or hairdresser. And the snide comments from cashiers demanding to know why our kids were not in school. Including fields trips to museums, etc., we homeschooled 2 kids for less than 1k/yr. Our local district has a budget of over $90 million to "educate" less than 4k kids...and they are in the bottom half of every state standardized test. One of my kids has an econ degree from a selective private college that accepts no federal aid, the other has a state college degree she doesn't even use, but had been told she had to attend "college" to have a "fruitful life". It is no longer of questioning if you CAN homeschool, Christians, and caring parents, MUST get their kids away from the humanist/communist change agents. They are NOT educating at all. Get creative, form a coop, take turns moderating kids whose parents provide the lessons for the day. One spouse work nights, the other days (yeah, we did that for awhile as well).