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Thursday, March 2, 2023

We Have Met the Evil Empire and It's Us!

Moral pollution of the evil empire is engulfing our beautiful country!

I'd like to believe in "American exceptionalism" and I believe there once was a time when America could be accurately described in those terms. Unfortunately, today Reagan's famous line about the Soviet "evil empire" calling Communism "the focus of evil in the modern world" can arguably be applied to us.

Today, America embraces Communist principles with gusto as well as all the moral evils that call out to heaven for vengeance. If Reagan were here today giving a State of the Union speech would he play the prophet and say to Congress and to America, "We have met the evil empire and it's us?" 

I love my country and it pains me to see what has become of her in the hands of so many evil men. Our people are generous. Whenever there's a natural disaster at home or abroad, Americans are among the first to storm heaven and open their wallets. Americans volunteer millions of hours every year to help those in need. Pregnancy help centers, food pantries, homeless shelters, respite care organizations, hospitals, etc. all benefit from dedicated volunteers serving selflessly.

But there's a dark side to America that cannot and should not be ignored. 

Let's look at some of what the American imperialists are doing:

1: The Ukraine War. One need not approve of or defend Russia's invasion to point out the insanity of our foreign policy in Ukraine. It is not driven by concern for the poor people experiencing the daily bombardment, but by the desire to put Russia under the boot of American oligarchs and her globalist friends. Christopher Caldwell in an insightful talk given at Hillsdale College last October exposed the Complications of the Ukraine War. The war was avoidable. When NATO was established, Russia was promised that Ukraine would never enter and push up against her borders. Just as the U.S. has broken promises with just about everyone in history, think of the broken treaties with the Indians, she did an about face and now is eager to shut off Russian access to the Black Sea and do "whatever it takes" to build up the corrupt government in Kiev. 

Caldwell points out that since the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, diplomats and military strategists have described Ukraine's entry into NATO as the "brightest of all red lines" equivalent to "throwing down the strategic gauntlet." Add to that the American empire's involvement in blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline. It is America that is warring with Russia using Ukraine as our proxy. And who favors it? Lindsay Graham for one who publicly and rashly called for "taking out" Putin. Really? We are now publicly recommending assassination of the head of a sovereign nation? What if a member of Russia's federal assembly publicly called for the assassination of Joe Biden? As for Senate Republican Mitch McConnell and his beating of the war drum, he needs to be "taken out" of the Senate in the next election for the good of the nation. No wonder the Republican Party is in such a mess! 

Read Caldwell's article for a reality check and consider the devastation to our economy and our safety because of the administration's reckless actions.

2. Moving on, let's consider the COVID disaster. Here again we have the oligarchs running our country teaming up with Big Pharma to attack the American people. The corruption at NIH is rampant. with dozens of scientists receiving secret royalty payments (kickbacks?) from Big Pharma. Among other media outlets, Newsmax has covered the story and writes:
According to a report from Open The Books' Adam Andrzejewski, despite a large portion of taxpayer money going out to fund research, an investigation revealed that a large influx of cash had come back to the NIH and individual NIH scientists in the form of royalty payments from third parties. "(T)hink pharmaceutical companies" the report said. 
Andrzejewski's investigation revealed that from 2010 to 2020, third parties paid an estimated $350 million back to the agency and its scientists. The third parties were credited as co-inventors. And because the payments enrich the agency or its scientists, the donations could be construed as a potential conflict of interest requiring disclosure. 
The report details that the disclosure of payments from September 2009 to September 2014 showed that nearly 1,700 NIH scientists received more than 22,100 royalty payments totaling nearly $134 million. The revelation came from a federal lawsuit between Open The Books and the NIH, indicating that the agency has held onto 3,000 pages of line-by-line royalties since 2009. But so far, only 1,200 pages have been produced. The other 1,800 pages would detail the agency's royalties from 2015 to 2020.

No one will be surprised that the highest paid civil servant (sic) in the country, Anthony Fauci, Dr. Science, was one of the recipients of the largesse or can we call it bribery. It's well known that there is a revolving door between Big Government and Big Pharma. Meanwhile the CDC has added the COVID shot to the childhood schedule of vaccines despite the massive number of deaths associated with it. But Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Media will all tell you the increasing numbers of deaths are just a coincidence. We have a massive new condition called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. If you believe that take another jab and further destroy your immune system. 

In October 2021, the four highest ranking U.S. health officials conducted a secret phone meeting with four outside immunologists to discuss the benefits of natural immunity to COVID vs. the jab. Needless to say, none of the four outside immunologists were among immunologists who are warning about the shot. In fact, they all appear to be deeply involved with the government bureaucracy. One, Dr. Michael Osterholm is a former member of Biden's COVID advisory board. Another, Akiko Iwasaki, who promoted boosting for those who've recovered from COVID is a recipient of more than $2 million in NIH grants.  Dr. Paul Offit said natural immunity should count as two doses of vaccine, but still recommended continued boosting. In January, he shifted gears to admit that the data doesn't support boosters for most, calling it a "losing game." Finally, we have Peter Hotez who co-invented the rotavirus vaccine. Hotez received $789,000 in grants in FY 2020 and has amassed over $3.5 million in NIH grants between 1985 and 2004. What do you think?

Hmm....a little conflict of interest? Is money impacting their promoting the NIH narrative? 

I hate to call it bribery, but...well...think about it. Hotez actually repeatedly stated that natural immunity is worse than vaccine immunity which goes against common medical opinion from the past including that of Dr. Science himself. All the latest studies are showing that natural immunity is as protective or more protective than vaccination. But, of course, as the NBC article shows, Big Media is still hyping the vaccine as the best route to protect the unvaccinated. Of course they are making this a self-fulfilling prophecy by suppressing early and effective treatments that could have saved lives. Never in medical history has this been the standard --"Just wait for Big Pharma to create a vaccine. Until then, get sick, get sicker, and die of neglect! That will scare people enough to send them running for the jab."

Meanwhile the sudden, unexplained deaths continue and women are losing their babies at an unprecedented rate, but the elephant in the room has to be ignored or explained away in order to appease the evil empire. It's getting harder though. A recent peer-reviewed study found that, "all the messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines can increase serious adverse events in people, including sudden cardiac deaths."

3) The evil empire's agenda targets kids for medical abuse with their promotion of puberty blockers and surgery for confused children including minors. More millions for Big Pharma and Dr. Frankenstein.

4) Parents are deliberately undercut and lied to by leftist school boards who use the Justice Department to go after them as "domestic terrorists."

5) We continue to kill babies in the womb at home and export abortion to the third world. What the left once claimed they wanted to be "safe, legal, and rare" is now federally championed up to the moment of birth by self-proclaimed "devout Catholic" politicians serving Moloch. They use the FBI and other agencies to spy on traditional Catholics and storm the homes of peaceful pro-lifers and others who defy the empire.

Our country has, indeed, become an evil empire enriching its oligarchs on the backs of American taxpayers as they destroy the economy, but even worse, take a wrecking ball to western culture and faith in God.

Some are fighting back like the courageous young mom, Chaya Raichik, founder of Libs of TikTok, the red rose rescuers, parents who boldly challenge porn-promoting school boards, those fighting euthanasia and assisted suicide, those who devote themselves to prayer and sacrifice begging God for a spiritual revival. 

American exceptionalism lives on among courageous warriors fighting for faith, family, and culture. Ask yourself, "Am I among them?" 


  1. Parents vs school boards is like parents vs gulag boards. A losing proposition especially as they'll do stealth indoctrination while claiming to change, AND since obergefell couples are apparently now included in the definition of parent so gov has to recognize their wishes as well.

    Those who can, homeschool.

  2. Your headline states, "The Evil Empire is U.S." as if you are among the evil, but then you seem to exclude yourself in the last paragraph and claim you are 'exceptional' not because you are Christian (a follower of Christ) but because you are American. Shame on you! Unfortunately, of those countries in the world today that could qualify as 'empires,' i.e. Russia, China or U.S. (perhaps could include India) -- U.S. still stands out as way less evil. We didn't invade Ukraine - Russia did. Russians have way more abortions than U.S. -- so do Chinese who will smack a new born baby against a post to kill it and take the organs of live people to transplant them into someone else. I never believed in "American Exceptionalism" and don't believe in advocating for that either. I believe in the truth. U.S. has many good points and so glad I was born here. You seem to be propagandizing like many opus dei for the overthrow of the U.S. w/out ever saying you belong or take spiritual direction from that secret society. Shame double shame on you!

  3. I think you missed the distinction between the empire and the people over whom the imperial tyrants rule. Maybe you should re-read the article. We don't bash babies against poles; we just rip them apart limb from limb up until the moment of birth, not to mention cutting off the breasts and penises of young teens. But hey, thank God we aren't as evil is Russia or China. BTW we do take the organs of living patients; we just define them as "brain dead" first and given them treatments (apnea test) that makes it unlikely they can recover. Check out the pages on the sidebar.

    As for Opus Dei, I have no idea what you're talking about.

  4. America is exceptional because and only because it wrote "created equal" and trued it four score and sevenish years later. This secular phrase is also sacred (Jesus trued it in His incarnation), and it gave us the promissory note to abolish abortion, (slavery's twin). This phrase gives hope to gulag victims everywhere. It finds antagonists in things like rape exceptions and "states rights" to decide what is, instead, an inalienable right.

    Those who say making America "great" again is anything *but* making America "created equal" again (abolishing abortion, without exception) are unfairly equivocating. May we true "created equal" again by its 250th birthday in 2026. MACEA

  5. There is one group who have maintained TOTAL silence about every phase of the covid hoax and genocide. They said nothing about the suppression of effective treatments. They say nothing as their own hospitals participate in the Remdesivir/ventilator slaughter. They mandated the bioweapon shots for health care workers in exchange for the continued flow of Medicare money. Some mandated the death shots for priests and seminarians and children. (About 70% of those children are--count on it--sterile.) They said nothing as it became clear that the clot shots are an abortifacient with a kill-rate at each stage of pregnancy identical to RU-486. (Except that the death shot does not need to be taken again and again to kill each new baby.)

    Every bishop on earth knows that there is a way to call down the wrath of "the Holy Father": Warn his people against any prong of the multi-pronged genocide.

  6. Anonymous, stop lying, or get informed.

    Russia did not invade Ukraine for giggles. It responded to atrocities against the Donbass people by the coup undemocratic Ukranian government towards them, formally requested by the people of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk. All these provinces exercised their legal democratic rights to secede and either return to Russia or become independent nation states. A right the US has also defended for other countries when it suits it, such as Kosovo, and refuses to it's own citizens as it did when it attacked the Southern States for exercising their right to secede from the Union.

    Ukraine brought it on itself, first by violating numerous peace agreements with the encouragement of the US, Germany and France who deceitfully used the Minsk agreement to stall for time. Ukrainian BUK missiles and fighter jets deliberately shot down a civilian airliner MH 17 to frame Russia. The UK manufactured the Skripal poisoning to frame Russia. The US framed Russia twice by using Russia to delegitimize the Trump administration and prevent peaceful relations, and Biden blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, an act of Terrorism against its own ally, Germany, and blamed Russia. Then aside from seeking NATO membership, that idiot Zelensky demanded nuclear weapons, right on Russia's doorstep.

    Was Russia just supposed to sit back? Stop drinking and spreading the propaganda.

  7. Johnno,

    Stop lying. There were no atrocities against Donbass - I know because I was there. "Coup" didn't happen, because Yanukovich fled on his own volition - if you actually lived here, like I do, and actually were at the Maidan, you would know that the protests started because of his pivoting to Russia (and not even most of the Donbas citizens wanted that, becuase EU is richer than Russia). "Legal right to secede" - Ukraine doesn't permit that in it's Constitution and the "referendums" were conducted under Russian gunpoint. "Russian referendum" is the new "Soviet election". "Southern states" - oh, a Confederate. Explains why you support Russia. You people are just love supporting losing factions that indulge in slavery and serfdom, don't you?

    "Ukrainian BUK" - a). Ukraine doesn't have BUK on it's list of armaments since 1991. But Russia does. b). only one person could've made sure that that BUK ends up in LNR/DPR hands - Vladimir Putin. Because only he controls both the FSB (who control the border) and the army.

    "Manufactured Skripal poisoning" - I'm sure, just as we "manufactured" the poisoning of Navalny, Litvinenko, the shooting of Nemtsov, Politkovskaya, etc, right? Skripals were poisoned by Novichok, the Russian signature poison - they were poisoned by Alexander Petrov/Mishkin and Ruslan Boshirov/Anatoliy Chepiga, both whom are Russian GRU. "Demanded nuclear weapons" - well, since we gave our nukes to slick Willie Clinton and that didn't work out, might as well get them back. The war with Ukraine started because of Russian mentality and imperialism, both of which are twice as old as the USA. One last thing about "promises". Nobody promised anything to Russia. NATO is a volunteer organization and there's a reason why countries want to join it on their volition - particularly, post-Soviet countries. And Ukraine was promised that it's sovereignty would be defended - we even gave up nukes for that. "America is the empire of evil" - and now I know that people who state this have never been anywhere else. But than again, they believe that the homosexual who organized Nazis in Dresden during his KGB days has the right to invade my country and is Yima Kshaeta, the perfect godly ruler, lol)

  8. Well, Anonymous, we have only the word of someone draped in anonymity that he/she lives in Ukraine. Maybe you're a propaganda troll. And the fact that a duly elected president flees seems rather to confirm a coup than to disprove it.

    Your comment supports the administration's party line. Biden and his allies on both sides of the aisle are a group of liars and globalists who appear to be using the war in Ukraine to launder billions of dollars from the American taxpayers. There's no accountability for the money or the weapons being poured into Ukraine.

    It's hard to know what to believe since propaganda is coming from both sides. Whatever the truth is about the war, it's obviously true that what's happening does not benefit the U.S. and our people. It's impoverishing us to defend the borders of a foreign country when we will not defend our own.

  9. Mary Ann Kreitzer,

    "Administration's party line" - the facts were that Yanukovich fled because he defied the will of the people. That's it. The definition of a coup is that it's a violent overthrow, which didn't happen (the only violence there was directed towards the protesters by the government). Yanukovich fled all on his own and, in fact, it was a surprise to us too. "Billions of dollars from the American taxpayers" - by far most of those billions of dollars go back to America (we buy weapons from them), so I fail to see how supposed corruption in America is a Ukrainian matter. "It's hard to know" - not hard, if you actually live in Ukraine and know more about it than it's place on the map. Real propagandists are always those who say that the Ukrainian people have no will of it's own and that a). only great geopolitical countries matter. and b). Ukrainian people are the same as their government. It doesn't matter from whose mouths it comes - either from the delusional Russians who think that all that separates Ukraine from Russia is recent Western influence and not history and disposition of the people or from equally delusional Americans who take the temporary alighnment between the current Ukrainian government (which, by the way, was preparing to give up Ukraine without a fight, just like your president, Biden, did in Aghanistan) and the current American government on just one issue as some sort of proof for American mastery over Ukrainians. "Defend the borders of a foreign country" - the fact is that the literal purpose of NATO is being realized in a country that's not even in NATO yet. You're fighting the empire of evil by only supplying weapons and when the war ends with the Russian defeat, your people still will be the geopolitical winners.

  10. Well, Anonymous, I hear you. And I also hear the voices of others including a young American vet who went to fight for Ukraine as a spy. He has said in interviews that he is a Communist and wanted to collect information to defend Russia. Well, that makes his testimony suspect, but, if he has the data proving what he claims, it's certainly worth looking at. Or is the only war reporting allowed what demonizes Russia no matter how false (like Russia lobbed missiles into Poland when it was actually Ukraine)?

  11. Mary Ann Kreizer,

    A Communist? Wow, that's a believable and trustworthy person, perhaps just as much as his more mainstream compatriots. If he even says that he "joined Ukraine to spy on it for Russia from the start", who's to say that he's not an FSB asset bought with Russian money from the beginning, like those conservatives that slept with Marina Butina? By the way, a more believable lie would be "I sincerely wanted to fight for Ukraine, but defected because of Nazis" and not "I wished to spy on Ukrainian Nazis for glorious Mother Russia". All I know is that there are no Nazis in high-ranking positions here. My country literally fought Nazis and hates them only a tad less than the Soviets. So I'm pretty sure that any American that actually serves with us now will contradict that Commie.

  12. How do we know you aren't a Nazi, Anonymous, trolling the internet to present your own false view? Why should anyone believe that you know "there are no Nazis in high-ranking positions"? What makes you a believable witness from your position behind the curtain?

  13. Mary Ann Kreitzer,

    So I'm apparently a Nazi now. Thank you for proving the non-credibility of your positions, lack of a proper refutation to my positions and, of course, proof that your parents didn't instill you with manners. You would know everything about Ukraine if you've actually lived there and seen it for yourself, which you never did and won't, because you are a rural American that has never been in any Slavic country. Even humbly asking an actual Ukrainian about what's really going on is beyond you. However, I am unsurprised. Lack of knowledge about foreign cultures and mores bites your country again and again; you'd think that after trying and failing to give Western democracy to Islamic nations multiple times and paying for these failures with thousands of your people's lives, your education system would take a hint already.

    I have been wondering how many foreigners were dumb enough to buy into Soviet-era propaganda; apparently, even the age of the Internet and the clear availability of books of Soviet dissidents (unlike the samizdat of Solzhenitsyn that I've used to read) cannot cure all of the fans of the prison of the peoples. "What makes you a believable witness" - and what makes you a qualified speaker on a nation you know nothing about? What makes you hold that your foreign-originated lies about us superior to the truth? You have put forth nothing but bald-faced lies, which I've just refuted. You are the equivalent of a Western college brat trying to explain Real Socialism to people who actually lived in it.

    Since you're new to this, I'll explain. Back during Soviet times - in the 50's, I think - the promoters of Real Socialism worldwide had the bright idea to conflate all possible expressions of non-Russian nationalism with Fascism/Nazism. Every time some Uzbek protested being forced to pick cotton fields (that's one thing fans of the prison of the peoples or it's ideology really don't like to talk about) or published nationalist literature, they were "Fascist/Nazi". Somehow in Chechnya and Georgia, Russians found plenty of "Nazi-Fascists" too - through, since the 90's, they just call "Nazi" everything that Russian chauvinism doesn't like. Yes, Mary, you are one of American Nazis according to the original suppliers of your propaganda, because Americans are the ones preventing the Russian hordes from overrunning Europe again (and America really is the only thing standing in the way after the Communist EU has done it's job), thus making them all Nazis in Russo-Soviet eyes.

    And photos of Nazis in Ukraine? I thought that, being a nation that exports movies, America would know all about the ease with which one can manufacture any image imaginable. Particularly when you run a search on an image and it shows that the original image was something else. Frankly, this is the last thing I'm going to leave here - you've already discredited yourself and the suppliers of your propaganda by resorting to insults in response to real arguments, Mary. Have fun thinking that the homosexual wife-beating gopnik is Feridoon and Astvat-Ereta all in one that's about lead the charge against Zahhak and that we, Ukrainians, don't matter (we helped dismember the USSR for good - meanwhile, your people are conquered without a shot being fired by their mere remnants). But there is only one outcome if you want for your people to win the Cold War. You need to ditch the cowardice, use the guns your nation is famous for, line up your traitors against the wall and shoot them. And, maybe, run the films about this in every school, so that the next Marxists in line would know what awaits them. No one else will come to your aid. Not God. Certainly not the Kremlin gopnik. And not even us Ukrainians, because it is the internal matter of your people. This is a lesson we Ukrainians learned from the Maidan and the Orange Revolution.

  14. Ms K:
    Re: "My country literally fought Nazis and hates them only a tad less than the Soviets." March 3, 2023 at 11:36 AM by anonymous under "Empire"

    In 2014, 2015 and 2016 the US Congress moved to stop aid to Ukraine because it was being used to recruit, train, pay and equip men from the OUM (Ukrainian Nationalist Movement - a NAZI organization founded in 1929 in Vienna) to serve in the Ministry of the Interior Troops (aka National Guard). This action had been ongoing since 2007 when the USA established the Center for International Peacekeeping on a Ministry of Interior Base in the Lviv Oblast. Between 2007 and 2004 NAZI Interior Troops, trained and funded by the USA, persecuted both ethnic Ukrainian and ethnic Russians throughout the Ukraine. In 2014 the NAZI Interior Troops launched a formal and very bloody attack on the Christian separatists in the Donbas. For the next 8-years Putin threatened to intervene on the side of the Christian separatists. In 2002 Putin invaded with the express purpose of destroying NAZISM in the Ukraine.

    BTW the White House blocked Congress' effort to deny funding to the Ukrainian NAZIS.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

    PS: Why is not anonymous in Ukraine fighting the Russians?

  15. The "anonmous" pro ukranian author seems to operate in a very typical way of a paid troll...another arm of the propaganda ministry masquarading as a genuine voice. Virtually all he says is a deceptive half-truths.
    These videos still amazingly on you-tube do an excellent job explaining the background situation.

  16. Sviatslov,


    Not posting your latest screed. You've said it all before and it's already been said here. Start your own blog.