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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Meditation: The Main Crisis in the Church? "We banished God from the center."

 Bishop Schneider explains why we must defend the liturgy and restore the Holy Mass with its "richness." The limitations set by Pope Francis, he says, "will collapse." The Church "is in the hands of God." 

Amen! I'm buying the book.


  1. Nonsense. The Church led by a true Pope defends and protects the liturgy, the traditions, the faith. That IS what the papacy is Divinely Protected to do. If the popes aren't doing that, it's proof they're not true popes. Joe Blow Catholic has not received the gift of infallibility. Catholics have the faith and therefore can recognize if even an angel preaches a different gospel as St Paul warns us in Gal. 1:8-9

  2. Well, Debbie, I'll take Bishop Schneider's "nonsense" any day over your sedevacantist opinions which I consider nonsense.

  3. But not Burke's nonsense (?) that the SSPX is in schism? You see, without a valid Pope to settle the matter we're left to pick which prelate we'll follow. That's not how the true Church works. It makes the papacy which Christ Himself instituted useless.

    Also, Astana, where Schneider is auxiliary bishop is known to be the Illuminati capital of the world. Just look at photos of it's acritecture

  4. Not quite true, Debbie. During the Arian heresy a number of Catholics followed Athanasius. Our own Athanasius walks in his footsteps. As for your comment about the illuminati...are you implying that Bishop Schneider belongs to them? My ancestors came from Germany. Does that make me a Nazi?

  5. Unfortunately Mary Ann the history being promoted regarding the Arian crisis, Pope Liberius and St. Athanasius comes from Protestants. And of course their objective is/was to destroy the papacy. If you care at all to read a very lengthy, well documented and footnoted article, I'd be happy to link it. Perhaps you could see it as a Lenten sacrifice?

    But truly, I'm curious to know what criteria you used to determine Burke is incorrect and Schneider is correct in determining who is right in regards to the SSPX irregular canonical status.

  6. I'm familiar with the controversy about Pope Liberius. I've also read the biography of St. Athanasius by Mother Frances A. Forbes of the Society of the Sacred Heart. I've read the opinions of a number of canon lawyers' who disagree that the SSPX is in schism. At Akita Our Lady talked about cardinals against cardinals and bishops against bishops. We are seeing the fulfillment of her prophecy. She has said not one thing in any apparitions about the see of Peter being empty.

    Fr. Gregory Hesse and Fr. Denzil Meuli have both addressed the slander that the SSPX are in schism. They make a compelling case.

    I'm reaching my limit on this, Debbie. I can understand why you've been cut off on other blogs. You might as well recognize that you are beating a dead horse trying to convince me that your sedevacantist position is correct. I'm not posting any more of your comments on sedevacantism at least until after Easter. You said you were going to stop for Lent. Please do.

  7. I believe you have been more than charitable to allow Debbie to use your site as her personal mouthpiece for her quirky comments. She really should start her own post if she wants to advertise sedevacantism, not use your Catholic site.