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Monday, March 6, 2023

What Goes Into the Mind of the Child You Created Depends on You

This is the 11-year-old boy and his father spoken of in my post from February 28 - Libs of TikTok creator: "This is just creepy". As the child reads the filthy smut directly from the book he checked out at his school's library followed by his father's reaction to the far left school board, ask yourself what you're doing to protect your own child from his or her school's leftist indoctrination. 

Are you looking at the books your child brings home? Have you been to the school library to peruse books available to your child? Are you reading content from classroom books? Do you know what is being taught to your child? 

This includes Catholic schools and their books as well. Does your Catholic school allow your child to bring home their health book? When my daughter was in fourth grade at a Catholic school (I yanked her out of Catholic school and home schooled her 5th through 12th grade) I asked her to bring the health book home so I could look at it but she said they were "not allowed to bring the health book home". The next day I was at the classroom door where right there by the door, high up on a shelf where students couldn't reach, were the health books. I stepped into the classroom and took one. With it in my hand, I told the teacher I'd bring it back in a few days. She had a hissy fit! saying in a loud voice that I couldn't take the book home. I answered, "Why not? Is there something in it you don't want parents to see?" and walked out with the book.

Confrontation with this Catholic school teacher was a weekly occurrence. At the first of the school year she asked girls in the class if they wanted to be altar servers "because one day there will be women priests". I copied page after page of Church teaching on why women will never be priests and took the material to her.

One day I made an appointment with the principal where I had to inform her that Vatican II did not change Church teaching on homosexuality. Homosexuality was still a sin and not to ever teach otherwise to my child or any other child. I talked to the pastor which was a waste of time. (He's currently the diocesan Chancellor) I talked to other parents who sighed and said, "Well, what can we do?" 

The last straw was 3/4 of the way through 4th grade when my daughter came home before the quarterly math exam and asked if I'd help her with math since she had a big test soon and didn't understand the material. I told her no because we PAY that school MONEY to teach her math. (I did help her though) The next day I mentioned to the teacher that I suppose my child didn't understand the math material since class time was spent on anything and everything but reading, writing and arithmetic. Her class went to art, music, watched movies, went to recess, gym, and story time in class. They did learn how to identify a rock of cocaine from the health book pictures which I suppose came in handy when passing the crack house one block away from the school.

The last day of school as I was waiting to pick up my daughter the teacher tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and there we were, face to face. I wondered what she wanted. This is what she told me: "I want you to know that this year you were a thorn in my side every. single. week. But I also want you to know that I learned a lot. Thank you." 

I explained to my daughter that we were going to home school since all year when she came home I had had to undo everything she'd been taught - "No, girls will never be Catholic priests." "This is how you do algebra." "Homosexuality is a sin." "Thanks to Catholic school, you now know all about drugs and how to identify cocaine when you see it even though you're only 10".

Never be afraid of confronting school boards, teachers, principals, or pastors. What goes into the mind of the child you created depends on you. My two older children and I converted to the Catholic Church 38 years ago because of a filthy book my son brought home (thirty eight years ago!) from their public school library. He was in THIRD grade! EIGHT YEARS OLD! I challenged the school, they put the book back on the shelf, and I was so enraged that I took my children out of public school altogether. How they ended up at Catholic School was an act of God. One day I'll write that story since it demonstrates that God is on the side of parents fighting for their children against leftist indoctrination.

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  1. Churches need to offer a highschool seminary combo to men who have already decided to enter the ministry. A church requiring secular high school then secular 4 year degree then seminary is absurd. Get the conservative pastors or priests out there faster, and offer young men a track away from the filth at the same time. And if you won't do it, you can't complain about a priest shortage.