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Friday, April 28, 2023

Fascinating Article at Breitbart about FOX Dumping Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino -- They Weren't Fired!

Breitbart has a fascinating article that describes what may really be behind Murdoch's ouster of Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino at FOX, and it rings true. 

If Breitbart is right, Murdoch wants Carlson under contract until after the 2024 election to shut him up, although why Tucker couldn't comment as a private citizen is beyond me unless there's something specific in his contract. 

Murdoch couldn't control his two outspoken and most popular hosts. They acted like free agents. And when you think you're God, control is everything! Check out the entire article, but the last three paragraphs I've copied below give an interesting summary from inside sources according to Breitbart.

Here are the last three paragraphs:

“It’s not about religion. It’s not about the MAGA stuff,” that source added. “It’s that the two of them did not listen to anybody. They did their own thing and their own shit, and Fox has a brand. The brand is ‘You will rep our company, shut the fuck up, and do what we tell you.’ That’s why they love Kilmeade and these people because that’s what they do.”

While the Murdochs clearly do not like Trump, a second person added, Trump’s strong performance in the polls for now means going against him would be akin to rocking the boat—and basically what the Carlson and Bongino moves signal is a move by the Murdochs away from anything edgy, and that includes slamming the brakes on any efforts to try to significantly shake up the 2024 GOP primary.

“I think this has less to do with Trump and DeSantis and more to do with people like Mitch McConnell and John Thune,” this source said. “The change in the programming will be that if there’s some sort of controversial bill moving on Capitol Hill, Tucker would often use his show to try to kill it. That sort of stuff won’t be going on anymore. I just think the network and the programming will be dumber, rah rah Republicans. Milquetoast content. It’s a reversion to what Fox was. The Tucker era at Fox was a deviation from the norm at Fox.”

What do you think? More promotion of the uniparty at FOX?