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Thursday, April 6, 2023

We Knew Church Militant Would Implode: "It's a Sinking Ship!"

Employees fired, no severance pay, told to turn to the government. And where was the boss? He went into hiding and worked from home, so he wouldn't have to deal with the fallout from the firings which were devastating to his employees. What a cowardly response!

According to Christine Christlieb, Church Militant suffers from "not having enough accountability and transparency." They're "a sinking ship."

Can Church Militant come back? These ladies hope so. Maybe there's another Terry Carroll out there to play sugar daddy riding in on a white horse. Frankly, I can't feel that way. There have been too many lies and slanders perpetrated in CM's "investigations." [Check out our two CM pages on the sidebar.] But if they do come back, may they show more humility and charity in their work. 

It's kind of ironic that part of their problem was the lawsuits, since they threatened many with legal action (including Susan and myself). No hard feelings, Michael and Christine. I pray for you and the CM staff almost every day. But I can't weep any crocodile tears for your situation. Maybe this is God's way of getting your attention over your war against the SSPX and the Traditional Latin Mass.

Meanwhile, readers, please pray for all the fired employees and their families as they face a difficult Easter season. May God fill them with hope and consolation and open doors to new employment. They were certainly shown little consideration by the powers that be at CM.