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Saturday, April 1, 2023

More Violence from Leftist Thugs: They Call Others Fascist While They Engage in Fascist Attacks.

This has become common on college campuses. Violent protestors shut down messages they don't want to hear. Instead of listening and debating like civilized individuals, they will scream and shout down others and even assault them. Any parent with a student at VCU or any other university that allows this should demand answers. Why are they paying tuition to a brainwashing institution that allows only one side to speak. And what kind of "security" lets the lawless who are breaking the rules set the agenda while "detaining" those with a legal right to be there. If we had a kid at VCU that would be the last semester we'd pay for. The violent attack on this pro-life group happened on March 29th. Were there any charges brought against those who perpetrated the assault? Two were cited: one for assault and one for disorderly conduct. For more info on this go here.

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  1. Fascism must of necessity always exist. Power is fascism and fascism is power. The Roman Empire was fascism and the word even comes from its symbol of power, the bundle of sticks held by an Eagle, the fasces. The Wicked convinced the putatively righteous that fascism is evil so that Wickedness could gain the power and rule. Because rulership is always fascism becauae power is fasces.