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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fr. Guarnizo is still around and fighting!

Remember Fr. Marcel Guarnizo who refused Communion to out and proud lesbian Barbara Johnson. He got the boot from Cardinal Wuerl (No surprise to those of us familiar with the background of the politically correct cardinal.) Fr. Guarnizo was interviewed on Al Kresta's show and stated that the situation he experienced in Washington is in the hands of Cardinal Wuerl's "superiors." He clarified that he was never suspended and remains a priest in good standing, a point never corrected in the press. Pray for Fr. Guarnizo and the ultimate outcome of his case. Wouldn't it be good to see Cardinal Wuerl get a slapdown over his disgraceful actions. Hat tip to Janet at Restore D.C. Catholicism. Fr. Guarnizo segment begins around 17 minutes into the show.

Listen to the interview here.


Karen said...

I actually hope that this will be an opportunity for an 'illumination of conscience' for Cardinal Wuerl rather than a slap-down. Maybe with a little gentle fraternal correction for the Cardinal, he will be emboldened to take on the dissenting and thus dangerous members of Congress and Obama's Administration. I pray for strength, courage, wisdom and humility for all of our church leaders, SOON! Since I doubt that Cardinal Wuerl will be going anywhere anytime soon, I'd rather he not be put on the defensive in the interest of so much needing to be done before it's too late. Maybe he be more open to change and a tougher stance towards dissenters.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You make me ashamed of myself. Very charitable response. I will offer my rosary for Cardinal Wuerl tonight in reparation and ask the Lord to give me a softer heart toward our shepherds even the ones who have done so much damage to the faith and the faithful.

Karen said...

Mary Ann,

You have a wonderful heart....I am far from sainthood and have needed to make reparation myself for less than charitable thoughts and responses to much of the goings on politically outside and within our church. Frequent confession is the norm for me! I think it is my husband who is the saint for putting up with my rants! These are the days that we all need to keep each other in check as we try to bring light in increasingly dark days. Not an easy job! You are definitely one of the good guys, and I admire your courage and strength. You also will be in my prayers! Thank you for all you do!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you, Karen for another charitable and humble comment.

How wonderful it is to have a sister of the heart in the cyber world.

Oremus pro invicem.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Karen, I fear Mary Ann was right the first time. I've lived in Washington Archdiocese most of my life, and Father Guarnizo was submarined in my parish. Our "gentle" pleas have been long ignored; that was a main impetus for my going on-line in the first place. Sometimes "slap-down" and "illumination of conscience" are synonymous; I've no illusions that they can be separated in this case. Of course we will pray; but "admonish the sinner" is a work of mercy, and we don't want to confuse "mercy" with "nice".

Anonymous said...

Anyone who expects the Cardinal to get a “slap-down” about the Father Guarnizo affair is very naïve as to the ways of Rome. In the first place, Father himself was incorrect when he referred to the Cardinal’s “superiors.” The Cardinal has but one “superior” and that is the Holy Father. Father’s friends will not be able to get to the Pope. The bureaucracy in Rome is an old boys club that protects its own and will close ranks around the Cardinal. Watch and see. Moreover both in civil and canon law there is no legitimate complaint about the Cardinal. Father Guarnizo is not a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington. His diocese is the Archdiocese of Moscow. The ordinary of a diocese has every right in civil and canon law (I am not saying morally, only in law) to say to any priest, deacon, or religious working in his diocese but not incardinated in it: “I no longer require your services.” An employer has the right to terminate employment and that is precisely what the Cardinal did. (A priest who is incardinated in the diocese has more rights.) Father Guarnizo is a victim of a system in which there is no appeal to justice and the law is against him. Given Cardinal Wuerl’s influence, if Father wants to minister as a priest he probably has no alternative but to return to his own diocese and take up an assignment given by his own ordinary. It is unfortunate as we need good priests but then so does the Catholic Church in Moscow.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that Fr. Guarnizo was not a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, but of the Archdiocese of Moscow, and so he has no rights to serve in Washington, DC. Even if Cardinal Wuerl failed to follow every protocol in canon law, there's no way the Vatican could "slap him down," because Fr. Guarnizo really has no rights as a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington. Morever, Cardinal Wuerl knows the protocols of the Congregation for Clergy inside out, insofar as he was the longtime secretary of Cardinal Wright, who was the Prefect of the Congregation in the 1970s. If Fr. Guarnizo is waiting for a Vatican vindication, the parousia will likely come first.

James the Convert said...

Sometimes we go it "alone" when fighting evil. Alone in terms of the world. But in the terms of the Church Triumphant, there is a HOST of angels and saints surrounding him!

Amen. Alleluia!

James the Convert said...

Fr. Guarnizo is "alone" in fighting evil. Alone in terms of this world. But in terms of the Church Triumphant, he has a HOST of angels and saints surrounding him. Continue fighting the good fight, Father.

Amen, Alleluia!

Anonymous said...

“The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.”
St. John Chrysostom

“I do not think there are many among Bishops that will be saved, but many more that perish.”
St. John Chrysostom

“The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
St. Athanasius

“It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly.”
St. Thomas Aquinas

Anonymous said...

The Archdiocese accused Father of "intimidation" and went beyond "your services are no longer needed". Can they back up the accusation? No right to assignment, but right to reputation. Sometimes fighting back for one's reputation leaves a mark on the besmircher even if justice isn't achieved.