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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wow! How Times Have Changed

I've been a warrior in the abortion wars since before Roe v. Wade. I remember the days when politicians avoided the issue like the plague. In fact, I remember one pro-life politician telling us not to press him on the issue publicly because it would lose him votes without gaining him anything.

How times have changed. Since losing the debate last Wednesday, Obama has made abortion his centerpiece issue. He's not afraid to proclaim from the housetops that his reason for passing Obamacare was to make free contraception and abortion available to all and there'll be no going back. And then there's the e-card that appeared on Obama's official Tumblr site telling women to "Vote like your lady parts depend on it":

The administration claims it was a mistake, that the e-card wasn't properly reviewed. Really ? In view of Obama's continuous clamoring for the right to fornicate freely at taxpayer expense, it's easy to believe this was, in fact, thoroughly vetted and considered appropriate -- that is until the critics began pointing out that women are more than their body parts. (Well, some women are anyway. The ones parading around dressed as pink vaginas don't seem to think so.) 

I for one am glad to see abortion/contraception take center stage. The moral issues are the central issues of our day and the murder of children needs to be exposed and opposed loudly. Every politician must be pressed on this issue. Today's clerk of the court may be tomorrow's candidate for Congress. 

In 1973 the pro-aborts declared the war over and they told the world they had won. No one would care any more about abortion, they said. They were wrong -- dead wrong. Today, the war is as alive as ever and new soldiers are entering the battle. Adults who survived abortion or were conceived as a result of rape are testifying to the world that their lives had value while they were in the womb. Young people who realize that a third of their peers were destroyed in abortion mills are forming pro-life flash mobs to declare that life is beautiful. Abortion mill workers continue to leave their gruesome jobs and publicly repent. Counselors at pregnancy help centers continue to provide aid and compassion to women facing pregnancy in difficult circumstances. Somewhere every day a sidewalk warrior is praying and offering help to a desperate mom about to enter a killing center. And the reports from the field are filled with the good news of saved babies and repentant sinners. The end to abortion is inevitable as long as the Church Militant remains in the fight. 

So rejoice that the issue is front and center in this political season. Be a voice for the babies, praying and working for an end to abortion. No one who supports these evils is truly happy and it is our destiny to be happy with Jesus Christ. On the front lines, love the enemy and do good to those who hate you. It's love that will be the burning ember that sparks a fire of conversion. 


Old Bob said...

Superb! Thank you!
I was at a church fun-fest this evening, and saw young teenage girls fascinated by the set of fetal models in the prolife booth. The lady in the booth said to them, "You were that tiny once."
Hooray for everyone fighting!

Ray Schneider said...

Another interesting aspect to the whole contraception and abortion issue is that promoting it plays into the wider demographic concern that the population decline is changing the demographic so that before too long the West, the land which built modern civilization, will cede the majority to Islam and they will impose Sharia and end freedom as we know it. Our younger set have been so inculcated into the philosophy of "me me me" that they won't know what hit them when they are reduced to subservience.