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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fr. Guarnizo Still Fighting for the Babies: Prepare for What is to Come!

I was glad to see that Fr. Guarnizo is back in public. He participated in the demonstration against late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart on September 12. He reminds the crowd that Carhart's "crimes against humanity" dwarf those of the Nazi monsters. Carhart, the Butcher of Germantown, has murdered more than 30,000 little ones in the womb. And he walks about in our midst as a "respected" member of the community. Carhart used to have his own incinerator -- a grim reminder of his personal death camp. "The failure of democracy began in 1973 with the legalization of abortion." Democracy depends on the tripod of three freedoms: economic, political, and cultural. "The U.S. is in crisis in all three." Saving our society depends on the renewal of our cultural freedom based on religion. Abortion reflects the corruption of the cultural arm of our society. "We must love the truth....Wake up, America....If you abandon the first right, the one that guarantees all other rights, it is no surprise that you will then start losing other rights, other freedoms....When you are are like the image, the icon, of what democracy looks like when it starts to fall apart. Citizens must take action for crimes that are no longer held accountable by the police or the state....We must supply where the state has failed."

Are we prepared for civil disobedience? "Look to the true north, Peter, to see what he says."

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