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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Liars and Damn Liars: Deb Butler Fits the Second Category

How do you lie with the truth? Deb Butler illustrates it in the video below as she waves around the wand used in a transvaginal ultrasound implying that's what North Carolina law requires. There's a slight problem, however. North Carolina does NOT require transvaginal ultrasound. The woman's right to know act requires only that the woman see a "real time view" of her baby and his heartbeat. That can be easily done abdominally and is thousands of times every day, not only in doctors' offices, but in imaging centers that advertise baby's first photo as this one does:
Share your experience with up to 20 guests on our 100" theatre screen and 3 viewing monitors....We take the time to make sure your experience is one you will treasure for a lifetime. Friends and family are always welcome.  We use the State-of-the-Art GE Voluson 730 Expert 4D system for the best picture quality. All of the amazing pictures in our image gallery were taken at our centers. Please see comments from customers who have visited our centers.
Wow...really invasive! How many women go for abdominal ultrasounds to get prenatal pictures of their babies for the baby book? It is no more invasive than rubbing sunscreen on your belly. But pro-aborts don't want women to see their babies because most women will not go through with an abortion. It's actually kind of appropriate for Deb Butler to be waving that wand around. The only thing she's missing is a pointy hat and a poisoned apple. [Thanks, Gary, for sending me the video.]

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DisturbedMary said...

Looks like she's in her kitchen. Maybe she'll follup with with ALL's blender and rabbit to demonstrate how much she cares about women.