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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama is not only a domestic policy disaster, but a foreign policy disaster as well

This step by step sequence of what happened in Benghazi shows exactly how irresponsible the administration was. It appears it was all about furthering the illusion that the situation in Libya was relatively quiet. Obama has called the deaths of those Americans "not optimal." What it really represented was absolute irresponsibility on the part of a president who has spent four years apologizing to the Muslim world. He did it again after the murders stating over and over how awful and deplorable the silly video was instead of acknowledging what he knew, i.e., that the attack in Benghazi was a well-planned terrorist action. He needs to be held accountable! But the buck never stops at his desk. It's always somebody else's fault.


Anonymous said...

You put your trust in Romney to save your babies? He couldn't care less. What fools you are. So concerned about fetal life but no concern about those babes after they are born. Vote for Romney and you will find that your fetuses won't have a life anyway. But you don't have any concern for anything but you ridiculous self serving cause. How easy for you.

Anonymous said...

Your energies should be spent on helping those fetuses who are born. Romney won't help you there. Don't you realize that he's an opportunist? He'll tell you he's pro-life just you will vote for him. He's an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

Your anti robot system sucks. No wonder no one comments. Go Obama.

Anonymous said... - describes the 7-hour siege with no response from Dear Leader. Sickening.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I put my trust in God, Anonymous, who is the creator of all life. As for Obama and the poor, he must really love them because he's making so many more of them. Liberals use the poor as cogs in their vote machines. Lyndon Johnson destroyed the black family which was relatively intact before his Great Society threw men out of the house and paid teenagers to have babies out of wedlock. Obama's policies are more of the same. Have you seen the video of the woman saying vote for Obama, he'll give you a free phone? Actually, he'll give a phone to a taker paid for by robbing a worker.

As for babies already born, you have no idea what I do to help them. But more to the point, what are YOU doing besides cheering for the killer-in-chief?

Jeanne Holler said...

Lord have mercy ...please help me Mary Ann .
I am thinking of not voting at all..both of "these men" are disgusting to me .
They are not for LIFE ..any kind of life.
They speak out of both sides of their mouths...I am so confused!
You last line and comment hit the nail on the head ...God have mercy on the USA and this EVIL administration!

Anonymous said...

To all the Anonymous people out there who think pro-life people give nothing to the poor, we are daycare workers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, business people, etc, etc. When I was working before I retired, I gave at least ten percent of my salary to good causes to help children and others, often more. I took it from my own pocket, not the government's. The only money I ever got from the govermnment was money I had earned and a few dollars when I got laid off until I found another job right away. I have been everything from a violinist in an orchestra, a counter clerk at a cleaners, a long distance and switch board operator, a cannery worker both on the belt and in the lab, a packing shed worker, a bindery worker (fourteen hours straight sometimes), and sales clerk and then an instruction assistant. That was in between being "just" a housewife who sewed most of her family's clothing. If I can take a job "beneath" me to help support myself and others, so can all of you. I am tired! You do it now and stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Mary Anne, regarding my post about all the jobs I had, I am still working, and I am sure you are too. Although retired, I help our youngest daughter with her small children, one of whom has neurological problems and was helped from her own cord-blood stem-cell treatment at Duke University. Her walled eye improved on its own, and a doctor at Stanford Children's Hospital told my daughter she had never seen that type of eye problem improve without an operation. My daughter got married late, so she has three small children now. Yes, we pro-lifers DO help children, our own and others, and by ethical means. Also, what the medical experts have learned from helping my granddaughter will be used to help other children.

Anonymous said...

Mary Anne, perhaps my posts on my jobs were "tooting my own horn" too much, although no one knows who I am, so you can leave them out if you wish of course. It just makes me angry when they say pro-lifers do not care for children after they are born because nothing could be further from the truth. Next time I will try to use examples about other pro-lifers more, instead of so much about myself.