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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is Michelle Obama a Good Role Model?

Occasionally, folks posting comments here ask why I "hate" Michelle Obama and have it in for her. She is, they claim, a great mom, a good role model, etc. Well, aside from the fact that I don't "hate" anybody no matter how evil their agenda, and acknowledging the fact that I'm sure Michelle loves her daughters, she is no role model. 

Let me make my case. First of all, we need heroes for role models. What qualities make a hero? Integrity, courage, kindness, generosity, compassion, sacrifice, humility, and a commitment to serving the common good. In other words, virtuous people who have a heart for the weakest and most vulnerable.

What is integrity if not absolute truthfulness or, as some have defined it, acting the same way when no one is looking. A person of integrity is a truth-teller. He may be mistaken at times, but he always speaks the truth to the best of his ability, takes responsibility for and corrects any mistakes he makes (humility), and refuses to take refuge in excuses (courage). In fact, with a person of integrity, what you see is what you get.

Is Michelle a person of integrity? Not by my definition. She is a blamer. The only time she has ever been proud of her country is when it served her and Barack's selfish interests. Despite being privileged in many ways and benefiting from affirmative action, she whines about the U.S. being racist. She supports Barack in his lies about his record and herself created a fairy tale hard-luck story in her speech to the Democratic National Convention. She took a job at a prestigious Chicago hospital making big bucks where she developed a policy of "patient dumping" so the hospital could target its care to better paying clients. Poorer patients, meanwhile, were shifted from the hospital to satellite centers with inferior care that was cheaper. That's how much Michelle Obama loves the poor - no equal medical access for them - which also reflects her lack of kindness, compassion, and generosity. But like any good liar, she sure can sound good!
To sum up, as most readers probably realize, my overriding concern is the murder of the little ones in the womb waiting to be born and welcomed into our world. How a society treats its weakest members illustrates how close to barbarism it is. So how does Michelle measure up on that one? She shares her killer-in-chief husband's murderous agenda of stabbing babies and sucking out their brains in the very act of being born. In 2004, she wrote a campaign letter defending partial birth abortion as a "legitimate medical procedure" contributing to the "health of the mother." Her statements fly in the face of what doctors say about the dangers and necessity of late-term abortion. 
No, Michelle is certainly not a role model. A woman who champions the murder of 7,8, and even 9 month old partially delivered babies by stabbing them in the neck and sucking our their brains, is a child abuser. The Obamas even support the murder of their own grandchildren rather than have one of their daughters "punished" with a pregnancy, a statement that speaks volumes about their values. Jesus made it clear that if you even think about killing your neighbor, you have murdered him in your heart. The Obamas are child-killers in their hearts. How many women have been influenced to kill their babies because of the Obamas? If a mother can support the killing of children in the womb, what is there left, as Mother Teresa said, for us to do to one another? Michelle Obama is a hero of sorts for those who worship at the altar of lust.  For those who love what God has created, however, she is as unnatural as Medea who killed her own children.

Let me close with a question. why do we consider Hitler such a monster for killing six million during the course of World War II and consider politicians whose policies have given us 50 million abortions since 1973 champions of women? It all just depends on your definition of untermenschen.

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