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Saturday, October 27, 2012

REAL Nuns: Tlhe Little Sisters of the Poor

While the "nuns on the bus" treck around Ohio claiming to speak for the poor and disadvantaged while they work to reelect the most anti-life president in history, REAL nuns who REALLY work with the poor describe how devastating Obama's policies are to the poor. Here's what the Little Sisters of the Poor who care for 2500 elderly patients in their 30 homes say about Obamacare's impact on their apostolate:

Cardinal [Timothy] Dolan blogged about the HHS mandate and its impact on Catholic organizations and services. He is very clear about the costs of the mandate. For example, if we were to stop offering health insurance rather than comply with the mandate, we would have to pay a $2,000 penalty per employee. This penalty aside, it just does not seem right to us to stop providing health insurance to our employees. 
If we chose to offer insurance without the objectionable services, we would honor our consciences, but we’d have to pay $100 per day per employee. As the cardinal figures it, for an organization with 50 employees, that would mean almost $2 million per year. 
So if the mandate is still standing in 2014, all of our U.S. homes will be facing serious financial difficulties. To put this in perspective, we already have to make up at least half of our operating expenses through donations, because Medicaid reimbursements cover only about half of what it costs to care for the elderly in the way they deserve. So the potential fines or penalties we’re looking at just make it that much harder. (Read more...)
My mom volunteered for years at the Little Sisters' home on Maiden Choice Lane in Baltimore. We should all have a special place in our hearts for these dear sisters who love those the world considers useless. Instead of working to convince their patients to commit suicide, the sisters treat them with dignity and respect. God bless them! And it just demonstrates one more reason to vote against the intrinsic evil of the Obama/Biden ticket. Romney has promised to end Obamacare. With the help of a conservative Congress he can do it and that will make an immense difference to the elderly and to those who serve them. It isn't only about abortion.

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