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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama: "We Leave Nobody Behind"....

...Tell that to Tyrone Woods' dad and the families of all the other Americans on their own in Benghazi. Obama was talking about Hurricane Sandy which was mostly address by state and local government. He could thump his chest and make that pompous pronouncement because no one expected him to be there right away. But when it came to a real presidential decision, i.e., whether to leave Americans behind in Benghazi, yes, Mr. President, you did leave our people behind. And, as a result, they died at the hands of terrorists. You refused aid that could have saved lives. And you had the evidence of what was happening front and center in the situation room at the White House because of the overhead drone. Now, the drone brings up a question. Why was it there - if the situation in Benghazi was so normal and no violence was anticipated? As Red State points out:

Predators don’t just magically appear on the scene. They have to be launched and they have to have a mission when they are launched. A Predator UAV has a range of 675 miles with a max speed of 135mph. The UAV almost certainly had to have been launched from the US facility at Signonella in Sicily. 
This means that the UAV was launched over three hours before the attack began and the operation order issued some time before launch. This implies that hours before the attack was launched there was sufficient concern about something in Benghazi that a UAV was tasked to be on station.
The White House has been dodging and weaving on Benghazi with the help of the mainstream media. The liberal media love to cover for an incompetent president who deliberately left our people unprotected. One would expect security at hot spots around the world to be beefed up as 9/11 approached. Instead, security at the embassy, which had been reporting rising violence since last winter, was reduced in August to give the appearance of normality. But things weren't normal and the State Department and White House knew it. They denied repeated requests for more security in the months leading up to 9/11.

The tragedy was inevitable. The embassy was housed in an insecure building with a security team of local Muslims who, according to the Koran, cannot fire on Muslims. And yet local security were the only thing between the ambassador and the terrorists. The CIA was instructed by higher ups to "stand down." (General Petraeus made it clear the order to stand down did NOT come from the CIA.) There is only one person between the CIA and the president, the head of the , The only reason there was ANY additional aid during the Benghazi disaster is because the courageous SEALS disobeyed orders. They are the ones determined to "leave nobody behind" despite risking their careers and lives.

Another aspect of this unbelievable scenario involves the four-star General Carter Ham, Commander of AFRICOM. The story goes that when ordered to stand down he prepared to send help to Benghazi anyway when he was ordered relieved of command. Now he's been removed after only fifteen months on the job and is retiring. For a man who only months ago spoke about his concerns over the growing problems in the area and his desire to map out a strategy for Libya, the official explanation of business as usual is...well...unbelievable.

We still do not know what the real story is behind Benghazi. The administration continues to cover-up and stonewall. First they blamed the video, an outright lie; then they blamed the "fog of war" even as they watched the attack in real time. Then they tried to blame the CIA, but Petraeus wouldn't play along. They've thrown several people under the bus and Obama continues to duck responsibility. He is NEVER responsible for anything!

What we do know is that, unlike the vigorous investigation of Watergate, the mainstream media will not challenge this administration. Except for CBS not one of the major networks or the Washington Post or N.Y. Times reported on the emails. The Sunday talking heads pretty much ignored Benghazi. Remember when Cindy Sheehan was all over TV blaming George Bush for her son's death in Iraq? She became a media darling. Charlie Woods, however, dad of one of the dead SEALS, Tyrone Wood, might as well be invisible. Why? Because Barack Obama is the liberal media's darling and their creation, and he apparently still sends thrills up their legs. Not surprising really. A media that doesn't care about millions of murdered babies can hardly care much about four dead Americans in Benghazi. They're just a "bump in the road" to ride right over as the media pulls out all the stops to get Obama re-elected. So don't expect any investigative journalists working for a Pullitzer to expose the biggest scandal since Watergate. Obama's their guy and they're proud to lie for him!

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Anonymous said...

This whole cover-up makes me sick. We have heard lies, lies and more lies, and you are right, Obama never takes responsibility for anything. A real leader stands up and seeks the truth, however painful it will be. To think of what those men went through during those last hours is horrible to think of. Of course they don't want the truth be known. And, can you imagine how the rest of the world views us wonder there is such a lack of respect for America. We are lacking in leadership.