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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Representative of a Colonial Empire meets our Anti-Colonialist in Chief

In view of the Obama administration sending Sir Winston packing (Remember how the president hates colonialists!), it's interesting to consider what the British leader might have to say to the president.


Anonymous said...

any Irishman worth his salt would turn against anyone who lionizes Winston Churchill. The man was brilliant when drunk--which was most of the time--but he had worse morals--far worse--than even Bill Clinton and he thought the Irish Catholics were lower than dogs He was responsible for hte deaths of countless Irish Patriots in the fight for Irish Independence

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:36 PM on October 2nd, I am sure that Winston Churchill was not "as pure as the driven snow", but as a woman of both English and Irish background, I do realize that although the British did some bad things, they did some good things too. Getting rid of sati, where a widow was thrown on the funeral pyre of her dead husband, was one good thing they did for the women of India. Also, not all those of Irish descent have been so pure either. How can one be considered a defender of Holy Mother the Church while one is cheating on his Catholic wife with Protestant or unbelieving women as some American Irish politicians have done in the United States? I know there are both good and bad men in both the English and Irish communities, but some men I will just never understand. It seems that they are so consumed with hatred toward one another that they do not even think straight at times and end up scandalizing the very Church and women they say they love. God help us all!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Gosh, sounds like they're two peas in a pod: they both hate Catholics! I don't know too much about Churchill. Any short, pithy sources you can recommend?