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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Year of Faith

Anyone with eyes to see knows that faith is sorely needed in our world. The collapse of catechesis over the last few generations in the United States has left many Catholics wandering in a desert of ignorance. What an opportunity the Year of Faith that began October 11th is to grasp the invitation to evangelize and be evangelized during this holy year. Ignorance of Scripture, St. Jerome said, is ignorance of Christ. In order to follow the imperative to "know, love, and serve God" we first need to know him through prayer and study. And there is no better teacher than Fr. John Hardon, S.J. who died in 2000. In 1992, Fr. Hardon echoed the call of Pope John Paul II for a re-evangelization of America. He described it as the responsibility of the laity from the very practical consideration that there aren't enough priests and bishops to do it:
In order to achieve this – notice – re-evangelization – the language is the Holy Father’s – to achieve this re-evangelization the laity has certain obligations: to understand their Catholic Faith, to live their Catholic Faith faithfully, to pray their Faith by a growing union with God, to share their Faith by personal – should be personal – conversation and active evangelization; and finally and crucially to suffer for their Faith by uniting their trials – physically and spiritual – in union with Christ for the conversion of sinners and the extension of Christ’s kingdom. 
To read Father's article on evangelization go here.  If you study Fr. Hardon's works you can't help but grow in faith during the next year. And with the knowledge of faith and the outpouring of grace from the Holy Spirit, we can all experience a new Pentecost and go out like the apostles did to transform our world.


Jeanne Holler said...

The Catholic Church must proclaim the TRUTH at all times and we the Catholic Faithful need to know , love and serve .
Yes we must know our Catholic Faith and LIVE it fully...
I have decided to study the Faith online and maybe I should study Fr. Hardon's writings and teachings so I can truly be Catholic in all that I proclaim to be !

Anonymous said...

In my personal and family experience, it is not so much a collapse of teaching but rather a greater worldview that grew to exclude the church as an absolute authority. As someone else once said on your blog, if you don't believe the Jesus is really present in the Eucharist, then why should you believe anything else the church says? I think the continued globalization and increased communication have brought many 'truths' down.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Can "globalization and increased communication" bring the truth down? I don't think so. The truth is the truth. People can deny it and believe a lie, but that has consequences. If you believe, for example, that gays can marry that has consequences: diseased behavior, breakdown of society, damage to children put in these perverted situations, etc. Following what is false will ultimately demonstrate the truth - just as Pope Paul VI's statements about contraception in Humanae Vitae have proved prophetic. People deny the truth at their peril.