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Monday, October 29, 2012

How Islamic Terrorists are Infiltrating Our Schools

This video is a wake up call to parents. See how much money Islam is pumping into our schools -- $28 million to Georgetown, for example. Is anybody really surprised that they cover up Christian symbols when Obama comes on campus?

And listen to what they are doing in middle school in public schools with three weeks of Muslim indoctrination. This is horrifying! Children pick Islamic names, wear Islamic clothing, study cards about Islamic terms like Jihad ("a struggle by Muslims against oppression, invasion, and injustice"), are taught Islamic prayers, etc. Other activities: become a Muslim warrior during the Crusades.

If any of this was done for Christianity or Judaism the ACLU would be up in arms. This must be stopped! And the first step is throwing out the chief proponent of Islam in the country, Barack Hussein Obama. Don't miss a minute of this important video!

"We came all together here to become keep it a beacon of light.....To those who hate America, if America is so bad we'll give you a one-way ticket to any country you choose and leave America to us!" Amen!


Anonymous said...

We Christians all know that the Muslims helped vote Barak Obama into office. It was no suprise to us. As far as history, they were the ones who first invaded Northern Africa where peaceful Christians and Jews were living, then they went on down to Europe. Now they are at it again. I no longer vote for public schools because there are just two many students of different religions and ethnic groups in them that they have just become chaotic with no discipline. You cannot please that many different people. The textbooks are being constantly changed in order to please one group or another in some states.

Tom said...

I mostly worry about bigots influencing my kids. Which is why I watch boards like yours.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

LOL! Earth to Tome -- Insults are not arguments. But judging from your comment, you might just be a bigot.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a post about how Christian Fundamentalists are infiltrating our schools. The last choir concert I went to was almost all religious songs - Christian, that is. Our school board voted to teach creationism and now my high school kid has to take a test where the "right" answer is that dinosaurs walked the earth with people? They have prayer group in the morning and we have 'optional dismissal' for 1 hour every week so that the kids in grades K - 5 can go to the Baptist church across the street for religious instruction. I've written to my state school board to complain, but all I hear is that as long as it is not mandatory it is not wrong. Well, I call BS. It is a public school, funded by my Jewish tax dollars as well as everyone else's. And we're in the midwest, not the Bible belt. I don't see any Jihadists, but I sure as heck see lots of people telling my kids that their religion is wrong. There should be NO religion in public schools, period. Or else we should give equal time to every Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, and Athiest that comes down the pike.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I sympathize. Creationism if it's taught should be taught as a theory, same with evolution. Evidence for both can be presented. That's what science is all about.

I sympathize with the religion issue because Catholics were also opposed to their children being indoctrinated in Protestant Christianity in the early days of public schooling. That's why the parochial school system developed.

The public school system should only teach religion in its historical context unless they have a religion period where different religions come in to teach and the kids go where appropriate or to a study hall.

This business of teaching kids to be Muslims, however, is outrageous and you can oppose that without favoring what you are seeing.