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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli is about Justice

I've seen plenty of stories about prosecutors who care about CONVICTIONS whether they get the right guy or not. That is NOT Ken Cuccinelli. As Attorney General he pursued justice for all.

We need him in the Governor's mansion. Terry McAuliffe demonstrated as head of the DNC that he is all about selling influence to the big money buyers. Is that what we want? A man who sees Richmond as the general store? Please share this video about Ken and let others know that he's a man of principle. We need more men like him in politics. And Tiero will be a beautiful first lady of Virginia.

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Constitutional.Reset said...

Ken Cuccinelli gets it:
The purpose of our judiciary and each one of its officers is JUSTICE - Not convictions - Not plunder - NOT DAILY CUSTOMARY FELONY of the Va18.2-111, Va18.2-481(5) varieties. And for EACH & EVERY officer's conclusively evidenced Va18.2-482 - such that each and every lawyer should voluntarily plead the Governor for pardon under the virtue of parole oath.
Perhaps, by those pleas, Bob McDonnell will see his own compelling need for pardon and so embrace his own 'Constitutional Reset'.

Gift-Gate's October surprise is almost upon us.
Each Va Republican lawyer has a duty
to make that plea for pardon NOW.

Upon my diligent search I can find nothing in the Constitution or statutes of Virginia
to support the Va judiciary's custom that proceedings are "adversarial" (or UCC) in nature, particularly so "adversarial" that the officers of the court have license to
Va18.2-111 "Embezzle" that law that is their office to faithfully administer.

On the contrary, the code of Va requires that ALL judges and officers of the court, all of whom are under judicial supervision,
The presumption of true Va law is that every attempt or act of Va18.2-111 "Embezzlement" of the law by an officer of the Va court is felony perpetrated with criminal intent.

*And* is also VA18.2-481(5) "Treason" of "Resisting the execution of the laws under the (mere) color of its authority".

Given that presumption of Va law on officers of the court
for every countenancing of Va18.2-481 "Treason"
they are GUILTY of felony Va18.2-482 "Misprision of Treason".

The count of guilty felony offenses for each officer of the va courts is legion.

Practically all officers of the court have perpetrated Va18.2-482 felony after they countenanced signs at the court house like this: