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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rush Decries Obama's Chemical Weapon: RU 486

Rush never ceases to amaze me with his willingness to speak the truth even when he may take a hit for it. Read his transcript on Obama's chemical weapons of mass destruction:
RUSH: I have a piece on Obama's speech last night. The magic word was "children." We've got to do this for the children! "Children" was the magic word in Obama's speech, and about 9:30 last night I was made aware of a post at This is going to offend some of you. President Obama was talking about chemical weapons being used on the children, how that just is unacceptable.

It's okay if conventional weapons, apparently, are used on children, 'cause they are being used on the children now. Bashar's back to using conventional bombs and bullets and everything else, but it's okay because he's not using the evil chemical weapons.  [Read the rest....]

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