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Sunday, September 8, 2013

SMU Halifax Sets New Low for Sexist Behavior!

Have you heard about the infamous chant during frosh week at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia? Here are the lyrics:
“SMU boys we like them Y-O-U-N-G: Y is for your sister, O is for oh so tight, U is for underage, N is for no consent, G is for grab that ass.” [Bold words and syllables are stressed in the chant.] 
According to reports,
this has been chanted during frosh week for the past three or four years. It only got outed this year when somebody posted the video on line and it went viral. Administration officials said they were unaware of the chant which, if true, indicates little supervision over the content of freshmen orientation week which is a problem in itself. (Frankly, I had a hard time understanding the lyrics on the video myself.) But what is shocking is that there were female orientation leaders who apparently had no problem with these blatantly sexist lyrics that advocate statutory rape! [Read more here and view the video.]

little girl as tasty treat?
I think this illustrates a societal problem that treats women as nothing but sex objects and playthings. It's everywhere. You saw it at the MTV awards with Miley Cyrus' filthy dance as she stripped down to near nudity in a flesh colored bikini and proceeded to simulate sex with everything on stage. Even liberal media figures expressed dismay over her performance. And if you watch the video (I don't recommend it), you can't help noticing that the men are wearing suits and the women are nearly nude. Is it any wonder that teenage college students see statutory rape as normal when this is how their "idols" portray women? And then there's the annual on-campus celebration of sexual perversion with the V-Monologues where audiences shout out four letter words and are invited to give their best orgasmic groans.

Since the 1960s the dignity of women has been stripped away layer by layer until women's "lady parts" are the only thing left to identify them. The feminists started it by equating sexual "equality" with the right to be as sexually promiscuous and irresponsible as men "sowing their wild oats" have always been able to be. The sex liberationists racheted up (or down) the message to the point that today Planned Parenthood celebrates sluts, fashion-lines portray little girls as "Juicy," media celebrates women and girls as nothing more than sex objects, etc. ad nauseum.

The offensive chant at SMU didn't make a blip on the brains of the students because their brains are programmed to see women exactly the way they were chanting. big deal...girls are for the entertainment of men and boys. And if they say no, a little coercion is in order. Is it any wonder that date rape on campus is a major problem?

Modesty is beautiful! Ask Princess Kate.
Until women wise up and treat themselves with respect, nothing will change. It starts with dressing modestly.
Draw a man's eyes to your face and your eyes, the windows of the soul. If you draw his attention to your "lady parts," he may never notice you have anything upstairs. Besides, remember the elegance of Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, and Princess Kate. Most of their clothing was modest because modesty is always elegant and in good taste? What woman wouldn't want to look like a princess?

And guys, keep custody over your eyes. You have a responsibility to act like a man, not a little boy looking for an all-day sucker. Gentlemanly behavior is the mark of a manly man. Any creep can oggle and drool.

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