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Monday, September 30, 2013

St. Jerome, Pray for Us on your Feast Day

St. Jerome is often remembered for his bad temper and sarcasm. Having been reared in an environment where sarcasm ruled, I can appreciate the challenges he must have had to get adjust his attitude. But I confess I love St. Jerome for his absolute commitment to defending the faith. He was totally intolerant when it came to those who preached error. So I'm invoking him today for my own diocese where heretics are allowed to speak and spread their errors. One of them, Anthony Tambasco, is on the diocesan paper's calendar for several talks and apparently the bishop has no problem. I faxed letters two weeks ago to the head of catechetics, the chancellor, and the pastor before leaving on a two-week trip and came home to more notices in the diocesan paper. And this in a diocese that supposedly screens speakers for orthodoxy.

Aside from his temper, St. Jerome is remembered most for translating the Bible (The Vulgate). His translation was corrected by the Council of Trent and then declared the authentic version for use in the Church. He also wrote many commentaries.

One of St. Jerome's most famous quotes is, "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." In honor of his feast today why not read the Bible and share it, especially with your children and grandchildren. There are so many wonderful stories like Joseph and his many-colored coat. What a lesson that is about the terrible impact of sibling rivalry and jealousy! Know your Bible, know Jesus!

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