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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pray and Fast for Peace

Pope Francis has called for a world-wide day of prayer and fasting for peace on the vigil of Our Lady's birthday, Saturday September 7th. Will you join in this important work? Some demons, Jesus says, are only driven out by prayer and fasting. A fast can take many forms: fasting from food and/or drink, fasting from television and other forms of entertainment. You have a few days to think about how you will sacrifice on this day and promote peace. Certainly Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy could be spaced throughout the day to keep your mind on the Lord. Some time in prayerful meditation on Scripture would also be appropriate. And then add fasting: skipping lunch, fasting on bread and water, etc. Let us all join in this important day of prayer for peace in Syria.

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