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Saturday, September 7, 2013

You Are What You Eat

Baby boy dies after ingesting mother's drug-laced breast milk

This mom's drug abuse caused her little one's death. But consider...we are all consuming the mega chemical company's genetically modified wheat, corn, rice, soy, sugar, etc. not to mention hormone/antibiotic laced milk, chicken, etc. And these chemicals are turning up in mother's breast milk and even in the blood of babies before they're born. Check out these articles:

GM food toxins found in the blood of 93% of unborn babies
comparison of GM corn and nature's own

Toxic GMO Compounds Found In Nearly 100% of Pregnant Women and Their Fetuses

Already polluted? Environmental toxins found in newborns' cord blood: report

Big chemical companies like Monsanto are poisoning our food supply. The evidence is in, but that hasn't put the brakes on these polluters. Where's the EPA when you need them? Oh, I forgot. They're in somebody's back yard examining a puddle so they can declare the property a wetland. Meanwhile they're increasing the level of poison Monsanto can include in their crops.

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