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Monday, September 2, 2013

Military Vets Say "Vote No" on War in Syria

GOP CONGRESSMAN: Military Members Keep Telling Me To Vote No On Syria

And who should be most aware of the reality of "nation building chicanery" on the ground? These military vets deserve to be heard. Obama has made no rational case that our national interests require us to strike a country that has not attacked us. Warmonger John McCain's beating the drum for an assault that, of course, won't cost us a thing in terms of American lives. Does he really believe what he says? “I know Americans are war-weary… but I believe that we can prevail without American lives in danger.” Maybe it's time for a dementia check. Does he really believe there will be no retaliation? Is the increase in terrorism in this country a direct result of our intervention? Get real, McCain!

Use of chemical weapons is barbaric and perpetrators should receive broad international condemnation, but the evidence is still not in on who used the weapons in Syria. Was it Assad or the rebels? The rebels certainly had the most to gain. In any case, the U.S. is NOT a world policeman and both sides in Syria are affiliated with terrorists. Why should we spend more American financial and human resources on what is NOT our war.

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