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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Brave Mother Chooses Life

Mom Defies Doctor’s Suggestion to Have an Abortion, Baby Defies the Odds

So many parents today kill their babies in utero because they find out they have a physical or mental challenge. That always boggles my mind. I wonder if anybody asks them, "What if you found out your baby was sick when he was three months old. Would you ask the doctor to treat him by killing him?" 

Life is filled with challenges. How many people have been injured in a car, bike, skateboard, sledding, diving, trampoline, sports, etc. accidents? Your perfectly healthy five-year-old could face a tragedy tomorrow that left her permanently brain damaged. Your teenager could fall and hit his head and be in a coma. There are no guarantees in life. 

I'm so glad to be a Catholic and know that God loves me and my family more than I can even imagine. No matter what happens, He is in control and will be there right with me as I struggle through it. And he loves my children and grandchildren more than I do. Trust in God. It's not easy, but it's the only way to peace.

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Anonymous said...

My dearest friend and I also faced this same challenge.
She was carrying twins and thoughout her pregnancy her Indian female OB Gyn bereated her for not having an abortion or at least an amniocentesis as it was highly probable that the babies were malformed. The mother of nine , she gave birth to a set of twin boys. One was perfectly healthy ,the other had multiple problems and medically there was nothing that could be done. He passed in the hospital in the arms of his parents who smothered him with kisses consoled that he came into the world and left knowing he was loved and wanted.
We also refused the amniocentesis despite the fact that we were told that our youngest child had a "one in ten chance" of being born with missing limbs due to a medication that was prescribed in the early weeks of preganancy.
God does not fail those who completely place their Trust in Him despite the outcomes.
Jesus embodies the assurance of the Father's love for us!