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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

And So It Contiues: Video of Conversation with National Abortion Federation Reps

NAF (the National Abortion Federation) was founded in 1977 to support and connect abortion mills around the country and promote the abortion agenda. They claim to provide strict guidelines to their member centers to protect patients, but they are really all about protecting abortion. Here's what Barbara Radford told 60 Minutes in 1991:

We want to make sure that women have choices when it comes to abortion services, and if you regulate it too strictly, then you deny women the access to the service."
Barbara Radford
National Abortion Federation Executive Director
CBS News, 60 Minutes, April 21, 1991
In other words, abortion is not to be treated like other outpatient surgical procedures which require health inspections and conformity of outpatient clinics to minimal health standards. No, abortion mills should get a pass and be permitted to self-regulate themselves. Who does that help? Certainly not the women. But it sure makes things more profitable for the abortion mills.

Check out Cemetery of Choice to see what happens to some women who go to NAF member facilities. This website includes women who have died from legal, illegal, and self-induced abortions as well as those who have died from miscarriages which are often called "spontaneous abortions." It is interesting to note how the abortion industry lies about some deaths claiming they are due to "illegal" abortions when they actually have other causes, e.g., the death of Becky Bell. Even when they know the truth, they continue pushing the lie, like Cecile Richards and her mantra about PP doing mammograms.

One founder of NAF, Frances Kissling, went on to establish the faux Catholic abortion front group, Catholics for a Free Choice. NAF has joined with Planned Parenthood to block the videos by the Center for Medical Progress exposing the illegal sale of fetal baby body parts. No surprise there! Those videos seriously threaten their image as a group that cares about women. The videos show how absolutely callous and greedy they are.

David Deleiden, the man behind the undercover videos, was indicted by a Texas grand jury. Instead of pursuing those who actually committed the crime of selling baby body parts, those who exposed it were indicted. Deleiden has rejected a plea bargain that would let him off with probation. Risking his freedom, he is committed to exposing the evil of PP and their accomplices. Going to trial means he could end up in jail, but this pro-life hero is willing to take that chance. Outside the courthouse, Deleiden spoke to supporters saying:
I think we all know that every day that goes by that the Texas authorities do not prosecute Planned Parenthood for their illegal trade in baby parts, they are sending a message to the entire country. The state of Texas right now is open for business in baby body parts.
Pray for David Deleiden and his co-defendant Sandra Merritt. On this Ash Wednesday it's inspiring to think there are young men and women willing to embrace the cross of Christ to expose the reality of abortion to the world.

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Anonymous said...

It's great that people are exposing this holocaust.

God bless all those who are murdered by the state and save the perpetrators from hell!