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Saturday, February 6, 2016

What Christian Women Can Expect as The "Religion of Peace" Gains a Greater Foothold in the West

Noor Amaleki murdered by father in "honor killing"
"Christian Girls are Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men"

I know a police office who arrested a street thug one day. The angry man told the officer he better watch out because he was going to get his wife and children. The officer took him aside for a private conversation and told him in effect, "If you ever hurt my family, the world won't be big enough for you to hide in. I will track you and find you and kill you." Needless to say, the thug who was a coward at heart, apologized and insisted he didn't really mean it.

Was that officer justified in threatening the man?

We live in violent times and it is becoming increasingly dangerous for Christians. In Muslim countries Christians have no hope of justice from Shariah Law because they are second class citizens with few rights. That is why allowing mass immigration of Muslims into the United States is not only stupid, it's dangerous. The tenets of Islam treat women (and others, e.g., non-Muslims and homosexuals) as second class citizens. Non Muslim women are threatened for the way they dress and for daring to act like equals around Muslim men.

Violence and terrorism is an integral part of Islam as the many "honor killings" in families illustrates. When I was working at AAA Women for Choice, a pregnancy help center, we had several single Muslim women seeking abortions because they knew their fathers would literally kill them if they found out they were pregnant. We all know teens who say, "If my folks find out they'll kill me," but in Muslim families it's no exaggeration. Honor killing is a growing problem in the U.S. but one that is often hidden for the same reason that the Obama administration calls terrorist killings like those at Fort Hood "workplace violence." U.S. policy is to sanitize Islam and demonize those who point out what it actually stands for.

It's time to get real and recognize the intrinsic violence of Islam, not just against the West, but against Muslims' own families. Islam is not only a religious system, but a political one that is in head-to-head conflict with our way of life. Here is a brief article comparing our Constitution to the prescripts of Islam: Shariah Law vs. the Consitution. Every "good" Muslim, i.e., an adherent of Islam as defined in the Koran is, by definition, an enemy of the United States seeking our overthrow. For us, the only "good" Muslims, those who respect our government as a constitutional republic, are "bad Muslims" according to Islam. Allowing adherents of Islam to continue to invade by mass immigration/invasion is a policy as stupid as it is deadly to the American dream. One day we may find ourselves in a situation like Rwanda being murdered by our Muslim neighbors because, like Christian women we are "meant for" the slavery of Muslim men. Don't believe it can happen? Talk to the Christians in Syria and Iraq.


  1. From California,

    The problem is not just with radical Muslims, but any Muslim who admires a man such as Mohammed, who married a girl of ten when he was in his fifties and consummated that "marriage" when she was ten. Also, he was a warlord who did not just fight when he was attacked but instigated aggression. He killed anyone who would not accept him as the greatest and last prophet, even though he himself was the only witness to what happened to him in that cave when he claimed to see the "angel" who supposedly gave him the Koran. Both Judaism and Christianity, and most other religions, require at least two witnesses to any miracle before it will be even considered.

    What the "angel" supposedly told him in that cave was mostly the exact opposite of what Jews and Christians believe, and what the Old and New Testament records. The Koran even gets the two "Mariams", Moses and Aaron's sister Mariam and the Virgin Mary, mixed up. It is totally historically inaccurate on that point. Truth cannot stand alongside falsehood. Mose's sister Mariam lived hundreds of years before Mariam, the mother of Jesus Christ, was even born.

  2. In the UK bigamy constitutes a criminal offence. Yet, polygamy is not only practiced practiced, by Muslims, but subsidised with social security benefits.