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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Matt Walsh Channels Pogo: We've seen the Enemy and it is Us!

Yes indeed, Matt Walsh would certainly agree.

The country is falling apart and it's your fault.

Here's his opinion on Donald Trump and his supporters:
'We are teetering here on the brink of national disintegration and in this hour of immense and profound consequence, millions of Americans hoist a showboating charlatan on their shoulders and appoint him savior. I’m far beyond annoyed. I’m disgusted. Let everyone else criticize Trump. I’m criticizing his supporters, and I make no apologies for it.' (More here....)
The more Trump speaks, the less I like him. He's a bloviating, crude, raunchy snake oil salesman. I can't help wondering whether his entire schtick is about destroying the Republican party even though the establishment has been doing a good job of that without his help.

As for the country, of course it's our fault. We are a people addicted to entertainment who hardly ever pick up a piece of serious literature. According to surveys one in four adults don't read a single book in a year. Reading statistics are dismal. When abortion and pornography are two of the biggest industries in a country, you have to wonder about its future!

Our young people (on college campuses, no less) can't identify the sides in the Civil War and don't know when the Declaration of Independence was penned (I guess they think July 4th is Lady Gaga's birthday.). Most don't know who the Vice President is much less the Secretary of State. I'll bet if you asked them who Antonin Scalia was, they'd guess he was a member of the mafia. Yes, indeed, we've seen the enemy and it is us!

We are certainly living in perilous times and if the two candidates for president are Donald Trump and either Mutt or Jeff, I'd say the country is finished. We should all do what we can to prevent that outcome, but don't panic no matter what happens. A priest friend asked me once what I thought it must have been like for the average Joe as the Roman Empire collapsed around him. Something to ponder as we see our beloved country, like Rome, disintegrating from within.

People went on living the best they could. Some who had no anchor but their belly no doubt despaired. But those whose hearts leaned toward heaven persevered in faith. And that's what we need to do. Pray and work like the monks. During that challenging time with barbarians invading the cities, they established monasteries, copied books, and preserved civilization for the time when order would be restored.

We can do that too in our homes. Preserve the good, make our families little oases of peace and prayer even as we suffer.

Never give up or give in to despair. It's not an option. Cling to Christ the King and His Mother, the Queen of Heaven. They will never abandon us. "Pray, hope, and don't worry."


To McFadden (Sr.) said...

I suppose that I'm in the minority of those who prefer Trump as imperfect as he is. For at least two reasons I prefer him to Cruz. I like Cruz and will vote for him if he gets the nomination but I don't think Cruz can overcome the poison that the mainstream media would pour out on him during the general election. A lot of Catholics assume that most of their countrymen agree with them on basic values but they don't. Less than half of the people under 30 have a belief in God that influences their thinking. Look at the "youth support" for the Marxist Bernie Sanders.
Secondly, Cruz is an Evangelical who holds the dispensationalist heresy. Have you noticed in the political commentary how often it is mentioned that he is favored by "Evangelicals"? There is a wing of Protestants who have this religious devotion to the State of Israel. They believe that if Israel can extend its control of the "Land God gave to them through Abraham", Jesus will return, the Temple will be rebuilt and all the Jews will become Evangelicals. Famous U.S. leaders of that heresy are Pat Robertson and John Hagee. When Cruz gave his speech following his 3rd place finish in South Carolina and spoke of what he was going to do when President, I said it before it just before it came out of his mouth: "Take care of Israel." I prefer imperfect Trump who will put U.S. interests ahead of Israel's because he is free of Evangelical foreign policy that has got us into Middle East war and he is not beholden to the Israeli Lobby.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is called Dominionism a topic the late great pro life activist and researcher Mary Jo Heiland was investigating and warning fellow Catholics about.
I support Trump also , not thinking him as a savior ,but the absolute best candidate to come up against Hillary or Sanders. Aside from that, he was eager to take money from gay lobbyists and the Bush WhiteHouse did lie to us . Has everyone forgotten Colin Powell's speech to the UN on the WMD?

nopcspokenhere 123 said...

Hmmm just proved a point just made by a talk show I am listening to, that the 'trump' trolls are replying to every and all stories, commentaries made on the internet to push back at anyone and anything that hints of disagreement with him. I can't vote for this guy--Cruz please God and Bless America.

Susan Matthiesen said...

I partly agree with ToMcFaddenSr in that Trump is the only person who could beat the opposition because 1) he can't be bought since he already has more than enough money and 2) he's belligerent and won't take bullying by the media or another candidate.

In addition (per Mary Ann's post) a country that is as morally corrupt as our current culture has made it through acceptance of anti-God abortion and homosexuality, and with a large portion of citizens who don't read - unless they read beach novels - the idea that we would get a normal God fearing candidate who would actually win is nil.

I disagree with ToMcFaddenSr about Israel. Yes, the evangelicals are all pro-Israel and if it's because they think Jesus will return again, so be it. Leaving that aspect aside though,
the Palestinians and Arab nations (all anti Jewish/Semitic) are heavily pushing for the Islamisation, not only of Jerusalem, but of Christianity. Instead of Judeo/Christianity, they want it to be Islamic/Christianity thereby making Islam the foundation of both Judaism and Christianity. They think that since Ishmael was Abraham's first born son that Islam therefore was not only "born first" but was also last in God's revelation - a sort of Islamic Alpha and Omega (although Islam is NOT an Abrahamic faith, Allah is NOT God, and God revealed nothing to Mohammed at all).

Muslims believe that Abraham was the first Muslim, that he was going to sacrifice Ishmael not Isaac, that Jesus was a Muslim and will return as a Muslim at the end of time to kill all Jews and Christians.

Therefore, if Israel does not survive, look for the slaughter of all its inhabitants, Jerusalem under Islamic control and the destruction of all Jewish and Christian Synagogues, Churches and Holy Sites in Jerusalem and Israel. The EU, OIC and UN are under total Islamic influence - why do we see the Islamisation of our universities, schools, Sharia law passed in the West, millions of "immigrants" flooding into Europe, and almost all of Obama's appointments to Muslims? If Islam/ISIS/Obama/the EU-UN-OIC destroy Israel look for the worldwide caliphate to begin.

And now - Who wants to place a bet? I bet that the next justice Obama appoints will be a homosexual in a same-sex "marriage, a Muslim touting sharia law for the USA, a lesbian married to another lesbian, or a transgendered person.

Anonymous said...

To Nopcspokenhere 123

How very presumptive to label a reader of this blog as a "trump troll" because they hold a different opinion to yours.

Note please, I simply provided links to articles concerning Cruz accepting monies from a gay lobby and explained "Domionism" which is based in the heretical anti Catholic theology of Calvinism.
Am I to assume this is the policy of this "Catholic" blog and It's host?
( agree with me or you will be attacked ?) It is one thing when done in public politics but quite another, on a "Catholic" discussion board.
I heartily apologize for disagreeing with some of the political views of the host and I now have a better understanding as to the purpose of the blog .

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Anon 3:51 a.m. Now who is being "presumptive." I post almost every comment unless it is filled with profanity and name calling except from one person I've blocked for his relentless personal attacks. I know a number of Trump supporters who are friends of mine. I disagree with their choice of Trump, but I respect their right to be wrong as I do yours. LOL!

Cruz is certainly not a hero. All the choices this year are bad. But I can never get past feeling like Trump may be a shill. Sometimes I think he's a descendant of Janus because he has no problem holding two diametrically opposed positions at the same time. Mostly I pray because our country is in deep, deep trouble and the only real answer is conversion. And so my husband and I have consecrated ourselves to Our Lady and promised her to make a pilgrimage on the 100th anniversary of her first apparition at Fatima to a Marian Shrine to pray in Thanksgiving for her intercession for our poor country and the upcoming election. I haven't told her whom to "vote" for. She knows better than I do who is the best choice for us. Please, readers, join me in the Consecration. Here is one version.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, Mary Ann.

I watched the GOP Debate last night.

I wonder how many viewers of the debate were not alarmed about his Planned Parenthood response?

Trump Stands Alone, Offers Mixed Message About Planned Parenthood at GOP

Tré Goins-Phillips/The Blaze

Read and watch:

I wonder how many Trump supporters have seen this or care:

26 Feb. 2016 BUSTED: Ted Cruz EXPOSES Donald Trump’s Universal Health Care lie in new post-debate video,

Our Nation is in moral decay and confusion.

March 1st Cardinal Burke will be offering up the Mass for the salvation of souls, our Beloved Nation and the World. Please pray the Rosary for these intentions, too.

Operation Storm Heaven with Prayers

with prayers in Christ and Mary,


Anonymous said...

Just watched Trump Rally black American prolife Protestant preacher stating Donald Trump will defund Planned Parenthood and is for Traditional Marriage. He says he spoke personally with Mr. Trump on this. We better be careful not to throw away Mr. Trump. He does say he is prolife and will defund Planned Parenthood and will nominate Supreme Court Judges as good as Justice Scalia. If he is the Republican nominee we better support him. Do the democrats say they are pro life and will defund Planned Parenthood? No they don't !

Anonymous said...

If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee some?many will not vote for Donald Trump even if they are Republican.

The Importance of Disclosing This Immediately #NeverTrump
By Erick Erickson | February 27, 2016
worth reading:

Anonymous said...

My husband and I saw and heard Ted Cruz speak in Atlanta on Saturday, February 27th. He is a Constitutional conservative with a Biblical foundation and values.

The Tea Party in Woodstock, Georgia is endorsing Ted Cruz and they explain why here:

Say a prayer for our Country and Ted Cruz. Ted is the David in the race.

Ted Cruz for President - 2016!

In God We Trust.

Anonymous said...

Today, we vote in Georgia. Please pray for us.

I am being made aware of Trump supporters who are, also, Catholic daily Mass goers.

Our pulpit has been very silent on the upcoming elections.

I have sent the Trump supporters being made known to me, a warning about Trump but it does not seem to bother them.


Should Catholics support Donald Trump? No.

We have sifted through the most popular arguments in defense of Trump and listed them below along with our own take. Here they are:
1. “Trump is a leader we can trust”

While we share much of the frustration over the failure of the GOP to make significant progress, we are reminded of Republicans’ once oft-quoted criticism of President Bill Clinton: character matters. Read more:

I sent this article to our priest and deacons, also.