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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Don't Put Your Trust in Men! But Do the Best You Can at Election Time.

Under Cyrus, Israel was released from the Babylonian exile.
None of us should become a despairing cynic over the pitiful state of our country, but there's no virtue in being a starry-eyed idealist either. Let's face it.

Politics stinks!
The reason it stinks is that it involves politicians. Most of them are motivated by greed, human respect, and lust for power; and almost all put pragmatism above principle. So I wasn't surprised when an acquaintance sent me these two articles about Ted Cruz and urged me to reconsider my support:

Cruz Participates in Mandela Love-Fest

Ted Cruz is Guest of Two Gay Businessmen

One is tempted to just throw up his hands (or just throw up) and ditch politics altogether. But, as citizens, we have an obligation not to abandon the process. And I'm happy to say that I actually know TWO politicians who are godly men who will NEVER trade God's laws for man's pragmatism: Virginia state senator Dick Black and Virginia state delegate Bob Marshall. I'm sure there are others, but these two I would trust with my life. Now if we could just get more good men and women to run for politics maybe we would have some real choices. In the meantime, we all need to do the best we can. Don't ask ME what that is. Pray and study seeking discernment.

Politics needs to be on your prayer list. For the sake of our country, Christians must be engaged in the process. At the very least vote. At the local level know who represents you and what they stand for. Sign up for your local conventions so you can impact and help nominate who will run for public office. If Christians withdraw from the process, things will only get worse. Be involved and pray that the Lord will send us a Cyrus who will help to rebuild our culture according to God's will.

Cyrus the Great was a pagan Persian king who ended the Babylonian captivity, released the Jews and allowed them to return to Jerusalem. He returned the sacred vessels taken from the first temple by King Nebuchadnezzar which were used sacrilegiously by his son Belshazzar to drink from with his guests and praise their pagan gods [Daniel 5]. (Remember the hand writing on the wall!)  Cyrus also provided funds and materials to rebuild the temple. Isaiah 41 describes the liberator of Israel whom scholars agree was Cyrus used by God as His instrument. The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah describe in detail the return of the Jews from exile and the rebuilding of the temple. What a time of joy when they returned "carrying their sheaves."

Christians in the United States today are under the decrees of a "king" who uses his cell phone and pen to accomplish his evil edicts. In this culture Christians are exiles. But our suffering and sacrifice can help to bring about change. So let us pray to the King of Kings through His beautiful Mother to restore the law of God to our land.


Anonymous said...

Politics is a dirty business .The trouble is, politicians have been working for the past two decades with corporations who want deals with Communist countries to widen their horizons and profits. Communists do not play fair and our deals have not been fair, even for those large corporations. Now we all are suffering economically except for those elitists willing to compromise even their already shredded values.
Excited about Trump?
no Maryann just excited he is a businessman and not a politician. He wants fair deals and a middle class population with purchasing power here again.

Pro Life? Tell which politician made a real difference so far please. This problem rests with a homosexualized clergy and Bishops who have stifled the preaching against abortion ,contraception, pre marital sex and pornography

Anonymous said...

I suspect the establishment does not like Cruz and things will get really ugly, but
there are many people who I highly regard endorsing Ted Cruz.

National Organization for Marriage (as defined by God and Nature) is endorsing Cruz:

Also, FRC's Tony Perkins is Endorsing Ted Cruz for President:

Who else is endorsing Ted Cruz?

Endorsements for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016

Ted Cruz endorsements: James Dobson, Brent Bozell, Glenn Beck, Phil Robertson, Pamela Geller, Ken Cuccinelli, Louie Gohmert, Jody Hice, Steve King, Georgia Right to Life, Gun Owners of America, Troy Newman (pro-life activist) Read more endorsements:,_2016

This is, also, worth reading:

January 24, 2016 by Peter Ferrara

May God come to our assistance to save our country from destruction from without and within and turn us back to God and His commandments and the Golden Rule.

All Glory to God in the Most Blessed Trinity!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to post this, because I really feel that, no matter what your friend's article said, a Rubio vote is, at the very least, worth serious consideration among faithful Catholics. In fact, I would say he is the candidate who MUST be voted for, because he is viable, and he is also the only one who holds no exceptions on the abortion issue.

Please watch, MaryAnn. I found this to be beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I cannot vote Democrat because of their godless, anti-life platform. Also, I think voting a 3rd party would be a disaster.

Although no candidate is perfect, I agree with Phyllis:

Phyllis Schlafly unloads on Rubio: 'He betrayed us all'

Should Catholics support Donald Trump? No.
See what Catholic Vote has to say:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help: help, help, help

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this article. Voting is a serious matter. I don't know why our pulpits are so silent on the elections.

I think this is a helpful grade card by

Numbers USA 2016 Presidential Hopefuls - Assessing immigration stances that affect Americans' jobs & wages by changing supply of workers. Cruz - A; Trump A-; Carson
B+; Kasich D; Rubio D

See more information from Numbers USA:

Worker-Protection Immigration Grade Cards at:

Click on photos for the details on each candidate.

The truth is like a hidden treasure, you need to dig for it and know who you can trust and not trust.

Lord, have Mercy on us,