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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Justice Scalia's Greatness was Revealed More in His Private Moments than in His Public Ones

If you want to see how Justice Scalia resembled Jesus read the article below, a personal story of an event witnessed by Jeffrey Tucker. As I read it, I thought of the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and thought how close to Christ's heart Justice Scalia must have been.

I hope you are praying for the repose of this man's soul. He didn't just believe in the Catholic faith; he lived it. And while you reflect on his charity consider the disgrace of so many liberals tweeting glee over Scalia's death. No surprise really. Jesus said they would treat the servants like the Master and we all know how they treated Him. May each of us resolve to imitate the charity of those who treat the lowly and unimportant as if they are pearls of great price.

A Man with a Great Heart


Anonymous said...

I prayed for Chief Justice Scalia at Mass on Monday and offered up my Communion for him. Tonight when I made spaghetti from my own home-made sauce, my daughter, her husband and I toasted Justice Scalia.

I am not Italian, although I have traces of Sardinian in my DNA way back -- I learned to make my own sauce from my grandmother and mother, who probably got their recipes from an Italian-American who married into the family. When it comes to food, diversity can be a blessing.

To McFadden (Sr.) said...

I don't doubt Scalia's compassion and I've seen him myself sitting in a back pew at my former parish in McLean. However, I became skeptical of the author's story at the lines
"And then he walked away, across the green grass, toward the Supreme Court building, alone. He was probably preparing for an afternoon of work."
If this Mass he attended was a mid-day Mass, what Church is within walking distance of the Supreme Court Building? And would the U.S. Marshals Service which is responsible for the security of Federal judges allow him to walk alone in DC? I doubt it.
I may be a cynic but it is possible that the author used his "story he never told anyone" which defies corroboration on a day people were passing around tributes to Scalia to generate hits on his web page and promote his organization.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hi Tom,

There are two Catholic churches on Capitol Hill: St. Peter's and St. Joseph's. St. Joseph's is near Union Station and although I wouldn't think there is much "green grass" between the church and the Supreme Court there is certainly some if he cut across the Capitol grounds. The Mass there is at 11:45 so it's perfectly reasonable to think the justice would go there at lunch time.

You may be right about the author, but the story certainly rings true in terms of Scalia's reputation and his obvious gift for friendship. Any Catholic who could be friends with Ruth Bader Ginsberg must be a saint!

To McFadden (Sr.) said...

Thanks for the clarification on the Church locations. Maybe I should have made it clearer that it wasn't so much the green grass of which I was skeptical as it was of the walking alone without the U.S. Marshal's security.