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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Latest Pope Video: Our Biggest Challenge is Environmentalism?

Have you seen the pope's latest video? What exactly is going on here? The green movement promotes one world government and draconian implementation of environmentalism. Is that really what Catholics should be concerned about?

If the pope is going to talk about the sins against the planet, how about these:
  • how about all the babies' bodies dumped in our landfills? 
  • how about the birth control drugs being released into our rivers and lakes?
  • how about all the couples whose consumerism results in denying children in favor of their latest Caribbean cruise or their new cars?
Oh...but including those issues would require mentioning "abortion" or "contraception" and we talk too much about those issues already. (Really? When was the last time you hear a priest challenge those using contraception from the pulpit?)

Here's Randy Engel's comment about the video: TIME TO REMIND POPE FRANCIS THAT THE WOMB IS MAN’S FIRST ENVIRONMENT. Start the environmental clean-up in the womb – a womb free of abortifacient IUDs, Pills, and other killer drugs and devices. 
                                                         Randy Engel, U.S. Coalition for Life

And here's the video with commentary by Michael Matt of Remnant TV.
Who makes more sense: Pope Francis shilling for the leftist environmentalists or Michael Matt pointing out that the Vatican is now promoting a "Masonic Utopian vision of the world?"

Pray for the pope and the Church, but don't have any illusions about what's really important. It's not about recycling, but about saving souls. Remember: Hitler was an anti-vivisectionist who loved animals.

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