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Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Not Immigration; It's Muslim Invasion!

People need to study history. Catholics particularly need to understand why the Crusades took place -- because the Islamic Turks were invading Europe and threatening to eliminate Christianity in favor of the Islamic caliphate.

It's happening again, folks -- not with the scimitar, but with the immigration invasion. Why aren't Islamic countries offering refuge to these folks who share their faith? Why are these refugees (note the number of military age men!) seeking to enter all these European countries instead? Because it is a form of stealth jihad. And why are Christians refugees being discriminated against and excluded particularly here in the U.S.?

Pope Pius V created the Holy League to defend Europe against the invasion of the Turks. A rosary crusade gave the Europeans victory over Islam and, in response, the Church created the feast of Our Lady of Victory on the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, October 7th, later known as the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

The Bible states very clearly that a house divided cannot long stand. The U.S. cannot survive when we nurture in our very midst a political religion that seeks to establish the caliphate and Sharia Law. Being naive about Islam is a deadly mistake. And we are already paying for it. Just think of 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Muslim takeover of Dearborn, MI and other areas, etc. What will it take to wake up the citizens of the United States? As Christians, we are called to love our enemies and do good to those that hate us. We are not called to lie down and be their doormats. Christianity and Islam cannot co-exist because the goal of Islam is to establish Sharia Law. In every Islamic country Christians are second class citizens. We need to defend our Judeo-Christian culture.

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Anonymous said...

But why is it that only Trump speaking about this and how European cities are changing while all the other candidates and Obama call him Islamaphobic?

George Clooney went to Germany recently to congratulate Merkel for her part in the "invasion".
The truth is that most of these migrants are not from Syria .The ones in Calais came from N African Muslim nations and are mainly black Muslim men seeking work. The same refugees have been resettled near Atlantic City by a large population of 55 and older communities. Our old grocery store has been transformed. No senior citizens anymore. All the shoppers are N African Muslims wearing full covering black burquas with only their eyes and hands visible. The butcher was the only Caucasian to be seen in the entire store while out in the open drug deals were taking place in the parking lot. They are economic refugees for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Tonight Lou Dobbs said the EU is securing it's borders for the first time since the formation of the EU.. BUT Turkey is so frustrated at the refugee influx there, they are threatening to let lose 3 million refugees into the EU.