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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Are You a Racist? This is Brilliant!

The Democrats are definitely in trouble. (Read more here.)  Folks are fleeing the Democrats' plantation and embarking on the freedom trail.

People don't have to be Republicans either, but they sure don't have to be Democrats!

I stopped voting Republican years ago. I refuse to support a party filled with establishment sycophants. I vote for individuals. They all happen to be Republicans because the Democrats blacklist anyone who doesn't champion murder of the innocent and gender bending insanity. But the candidates I support better stand for pro-life and pro-family values. Because there's another choice, i.e., no choice!

The Democrats nihilistic and evil view of the world preys on the weak and vulnerable, especially children. It's way past time for them to get a big smackdown! Let's pray the millennials wake up and start thinking with their brains instead of their feelings.

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  1. I never liked Kanye West but now I think I'm in love with him.