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Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's Hug Your Mom Double Day!

As I was thinking about Mother's Day this morning, it occurred to me how many things have changed for moms over the years. The challenges of parenting are a lot different today than for moms raising their families in colonial times or as the country moved west in Conestoga wagons. Think of a world with no cars, no cell phones (no phones at all!), of wood-burning stoves and gas lamps. Think of a quieter time with no radio, no TV, no films, no computers, no ipods, ipads, or tablets; a world where entertainment was games: mumblety peg, jacks, red rover; play-acting, reciting, music: fiddles, harmonicas, and jews harps -- a world with no labor saving devices: no washers, dryers, microwaves or hairdryers.

And yet, the essentials of motherhood remain: loving our children and grandchildren with a word of wisdom, or encouragement or solace or just silent presence (with a cookie accompaniment) -- laughing and celebrating in the good times; crying through the hard times; sharing, loving, living, and praying through all the moments given to us by God with our families.

A Mother's Day hug to all moms today and all children of moms! What a blessing God gave us when He came to earth through a woman we call Mother Mary.


  1. We played Red Rover in elementary school during recess but my most favorite game as a child was Kick the Can which we neighborhood kids played. I wonder if any children play those games anymore. Probably not Red Rover. It would be considered aggressive and dangerous.

    When my mother was young in that "quieter time of yesteryear" she spent a lot of time learning to cook. As a result she was a gourmet cook and growing up our table was filled with amazing meals. Everyone makes fun of fruit cake at Christmas, but my mother made dozens of home made fruitcake soaked in rum and gave them to friends and neighbors. I used to eat every crumb.

    When I got married she gave me a hand typed notebook of all her recipes. Her meatballs are the best and I still make them today.

    I miss my mother. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! I love you.

  2. Dear Susan Matthiesen,

    Please consider creating and selling an ebook of your mom's great recipes. Old as I am, I'm still searching for memorably delicious fare. Of course, you'd have to post the link to purchase your ebook here! :-D

  3. Anyone who thinks "life was simpler back then," needs to spend a day in the life of a woman before the advent of capitalism. Life on earth at all points in history has had its challenges, yet human nature itself never changes.

    For this reason, we know the commandments apply now to us as clearly as they did to the Israelites and the Gospel of Christ to us as unwaveringly as to the first deciples.

    None of us knows the world of the future, but the thing that will bind us is Truth which can never be eliminated regardless of the "progress" made by mankind.

    I miss my mother, too, but I don't long for her era nor would I trade my problems for hers. With the grace of God women everywhere and at all times have used their talents to do what they must to add gentleness to their husbands and character and love to their children. Nothing else matters.

  4. Life was harder but it was healthier. Hard work taught valuable lessons and kept kids out of trouble.

    Kids were not glued to their phones and video games and they didn't have easy access to pornography, drugs, abortion, etc. They weren't inundated by Planned Parenthood's message to have sex in the playpen.

    I pray for parents because their challenges are what ours were only tripled and quadrupled.