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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Little Warrior, Alfie Evans, Goes to His Final Resting Place -- Baby Alfie, Pray for Us!

Tom Evans carries his little warrior to his final resting place.
Alfie's parents bury their precious son!

It looks like one more victory for the culture of death, but it isn't! Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more. The agony of Alfie in the hospital room and his personal crucifixion ends up, like Christ's, in Resurrection and Pentecost.

I'm praying to little Alfie for the defeat of the satanic forces working to gut the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution (May 25th) that defends the right of babies in the womb. I have no doubt the little warrior is on the job!

Alfie, as his Father Tom often described him, was a little warrior and a hero. But he could not win an unfair fight for life against a Leviathan national medical system backed up by a tyrannical judge who made it clear parents may not make decisions for their children, a position in direct conflict with Catholic teaching!

This is just the beginning of what Sarah Palin described as "death panels." None of us is exempt -- and our parents, children and other relatives will be taken from us before their time if the death peddlers decide killing is in the patient's "best interest." Of course, the interests they really have in mind are the hospitals, the courts, the insurance companies, and the politicians.

The fact that an autopsy on little Alfie was not done magnifies the suspicion that he was deliberately killed and did not die of natural causes. From LifeSiteNews:
It appears there will be no autopsy even though Alfie was denied food and water for over 24 hours. There will be no autopsy even though Alfie was deprived of oxygen during the first hours following the removal of his life support without his parents’ consent. There will be no autopsy even though Alfie was not provided proper care and treatment in his final days and not given a chance to have experimental treatment to improve his alleged degenerative neurological condition. There will be no autopsy even though doctors still are unsure what caused Alfie’s condition in the first place. And there will be no autopsy even as rumors swirl around the Internet about Alfie’s final minutes of life and whether or not staff at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital prematurely ended his life following a week of successfully breathing on his own.
The lack of any autopsy or investigation is bizarre and will certainly lead to speculation from supporters of Alfie and his family that both the British government and court system as well as the British medical system either wanted Alfie dead or wanted to cover up what they did that resulted in ending his life.
In the meantime, it appears there will be an investigation of those who supported Alfie and his parents:
Ironically, the only investigation may be of Alfie’s supporters. The British government appears to be investigating the Christian organization that helped them — in what could be a political retribution for helping Alfie’s parents protect their son. 
Victims of T4 euthanasia program
at the Hadamar killing center
As LifeNews reported previously, Justice Hayden came under fire for comments he made about a representative of a Christian legal group whose attorneys helped represent Alfie’s family. In the courtroom he slammed the group calling one law student who was assisting the family “deluded and fanatical.” 
The group responded, saying “We reject the prejudicial and inflammatory comments made by Mr Justice Hayden.” 
Meanwhile, as LifeNews reported, British prime minister Theresa May defended the hospital. She argued that medical experts ought to be the ones to make decisions in such cases as opposed to parents and family.
These are the same opinions that undergirded the T4 Euthanasia program in Nazi Germany when hundreds of thousands of German citizens were deliberately killed because they were "defective" and "useless eaters."

This is where the culture of death always ends up: in the gas chambers and the murder "clinics" where white-coated Dr. Mengeles deliver the lethal injection.  At Hadamar and the other killing centers, SS officers who oversaw the killing wore white lab coats to give a scientific gloss to their actions. There be dragons among us who, like the dragon of Revelation, have seven heads and sweep the stars from the sky. Alfie was one of those stars but he now shines in heaven and works for the final victory over sin and death.

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