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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Keep Talking about Alfie's Murder! It's an Atrocity that Should NEVER be Repeated!

The Italian press that says Alfie was administered four drugs shortly before he died stand by their story and will not retract saying they have an eye witness.
Mark Shea may look like
 Santa Claus, but........... 

Meanwhile, Mark Shea wrote on his blog at Patheos that anyone who doesn't just shut up and pray is "using" Alfie Evans, not caring about him. (I won't link to Shea's blog because I understand Patheos pays by click count -- Hmm...does that mean Shea "used" Alfie's controversial story as click bait?)

After taking a shot at Fr. Peter West of Priests for Life who decried the silence of the Left on what was happening to Alfie, Shea goes on to aim his verbal AK-15 rapid fire at the "right wing base." He characterizes people like me as crazies and nut jobs who "stampede" over the latest "panic du jour" being stirred up (not sure by whom). In transparency, in case you haven't noticed by what I write, I do consider myself both an orthodox, practicing Catholic and a conservative who hates the deconstruction of Western culture! Nevertheless, I didn't fit into many of his bullet points about conservatives. Earth to Mark, we are NOT all cut from the same cookie cutter.

But back to Shea's post. In condescending moral superiority, he tells his readers that:
"The issue is what is best for Alfie. Period. That’s all that really matters here."
Well, yes, the issue is certainly "what is best for Alfie." But that isn't "all that really matters." It also matters who decides. Shea appears to think he has a gotcha point when he quotes Dr. Jacqueline Abernathy who talks about the difficulty of treating very sick children. She, however, says she would have supported Alfie's transfer. That's no ringing endorsement of Shea's opinion. By his own logic, however, she had no right to have an opinion because she wasn't there and isn't among the doctors consulting. What makes Shea think she knows what's going on? Should she just join the rest of us and shut up and pray?

So... what exactly was Shea's point in quoting her? Oh...she's an "expert." I never heard of her myself and, frankly, I'd have to know where she stands on the new "third path" to euthanasia by "palliative care" to know whether her opinions can be trusted. Not everyone in a lab coat (or a roman collar) is telling you the truth.

If the facts that Tom Evans presented to the public about the treatment of his son are accurate (and I have no reason to believe he was lying), there is every reason to believe that Alfie was put on a deliberate path to hastened death. The vent was removed against his parents' wishes, a violation of parental rights over their children. The hospital kidnapped the toddler with the help of the courts putting police guards outside his room to protect him from his own parents, a second violation of parental rights. They deprived Alfie of oxygen and water for about nine hours and food for a day and a half. According to reports, when they did feed him it was minimal. And then there is the disputed story about the drugs and his death two hours later.

Shea vigorously objects to using the word "murder" about what happened to Alfie. Fine, let's call it attempted murder that resulted in the child's death. Pretty good attempt, I'd say.

Would Alfie have died anyway? Of course. None of us gets out of this life alive. Would he have died soon? No one knows what the outcome would have been with treatment. There are plenty of "hopeless" cases where so-called "brain-dead" patients recovered 100%. Would Alfie have been among them? We'll never know now will we? And the hospital can smile smugly and say, "We told you it was hopeless, and, see, we were right."

To set Shea straight, it isn't "using" Alfie to discuss these crucial issues. It's treating him with the dignity he deserves as one of Christ's precious lambs. And I suspect his story will wake many people up to the dangers of socialism and socialized medicine. (Sarah Palin targeted it when she described "death panels" under Obamacare.) Alfie may save another endangered baby down the road, just like the poor little victims of abortion whose tiny corpses have converted many hearts. I saw it happen personally when a fellow parishioner attended a graphic slide presentation I gave and came up afterwards to say, "I never knew abortion was like that!" She never called herself "pro-choice" again.

And speaking of aborted babies, it's a funny thing -- I have a 45 year history in the pro-life movement, much of it as an activist. I've done it all: hundreds of pro-life presentations, picketing, sidewalk counseling, lobbying, rescuing, debating, going to jail. I never once heard Mark Shea's name mentioned in any pro-life context. But in the past few years he has set himself up as critic and judge of the pro-life movement. Oh...and he assured us that Hillary was the candidate all pro-lifers should support.

Really? All I can say, Mark, is actions speak louder than words.

I will continue to speak about Alfie Evans and the atrocity of his murder, yes murder and the violation of his parents' rights. I'll speak about the abusive court systems that kidnap children from their families for refusing to follow some doctor's prescription or for daring to home school.

Why do we still talk about the holocaust in Nazi Germany, the Armenian massacre, and Stalin's starvation of the farm families in the Ukraine? It takes only two words to explain.



Mary Kay said...

I have been a Registered Nurse in a very liberal NW US state, in a big city, for nearly 30 years. In my experience, there is no language here that could be used to soften the behavior that killed little Alfie Evans. If the UK's NHS did not want to pursue further treatment, I suppose they had a 'right' to withhold that treatment according to their laws. However, their refusal to release him to his own parents, or the medical professionals who would treat him, is absolutely dictatorial. It is a frightful thing when a 'civilized' country can, despite protests and attention from so many other countries, demand their right to withhold treatment they are unwilling to give, when it has been offered elsewhere. It merely demonstrates their fear of being stopped in their tracks by public outcry, which will ruin their process. I hope and pray that little Alfie will become a symbol to all of us who cherish the rights of parents to care for their children, and hopefully change the minds of those jaded people who insisted on refusing care.
BTW, Mark Shea's opinion on this issue is irrelevant as he has no reasonable argument to defend it.

Steve Cherry said...

I quit reading anything from Pathos long ago. And stopped reading any blogger whom I had been reading, who moved over to Pathos.

Mary Fran

TheValiantWoman said...

Excellent post! God bless.

Praypraypray said...

Shea wants us to shut up about Alfie Evans. Since we truly care about Alfie and his parents, Shea is NOT going to tell us what to do!
We will shout the truth of this evil done to Alfie Evans and his parents on the roof tops and on the Internet / Social Media and in our Churches and Schools and everywhere we can to spread the truth. God bless all true pro-lifers. God bless the Evans’ and the Gards’.

Kevin Myers said...

I got into a Facebook discussion with Shea regarding to Alfie. That is like beating a dead horse. I got accused of bearing false witness and committing calumny. When you ask him straight up about Alfie being transferred to Rome, he dodges the question. I even told him that the main thing was why they would not transfer Alfie to Rome, denying the parents wishes. He wants to quote the bioethicist but does not follow what she says. He seems to be a despicable man, will even dodge the question in what he would do in the situation.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Mark Shea is a hypocrite who used Alfie as "click bait" for his blog while he attacked those defending the poor baby as "using" him. His behavior is despicable. His attacks on anyone who disagrees with him are as ugly as anything I've ever seen. His defamation of the pro-life community is nauseating.