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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The UK is a Police State with Tyranny from the Bench!

Tommy Robinson jailed in the UK police state
What kind of country has the U.K. become? A few weeks ago, a judge mandated the killing of little Alfie Evans. A few days ago, Tommy Robinson, a citizen journalist, was on public property outside a courthouse where Muslims accused of grooming children for sex were on trial.

All Tommy did was what any news media would do outside a courtroom here in the U.S. -- report on what was happening. And yet he was swept up by police for "breach of the peace," immediately taken to court with a lawyer who didn't know anything about him and had no time to prepare a defense, and within hours was sentenced to 13 months in prison and headed to jail. Free speech no longer exists in the U.K.

If that isn't outrageous enough, the judge also banned news outlets from reporting on the case or even mentioning Robinson's name. They have all complied. This is the reality of modern Britain. -- It's a police state where Big Brother is watching and anyone who dares to speak politically incorrect truth is an enemy of the state and targeted for the gulag.

Essentially, Tommy Robinson, after a kangaroo court reminiscent of soviet show trials, has been "disappeared" into a system where he is likely to be killed by imprisoned Muslim gang members. Several sources have stated that Robinson's 13 month sentence is tantamount to a "death sentence."

That this can happen in a supposedly free society is horrifying and evil. Read more at Fox News.


  1. I have to give you credit. I don't agree with your policy of silence on Trump's flaws, but I do appreciate your willingness to be critical of Theresa May's Conservative regime. God bless.

  2. I've never been silent on Trump's "flaws." I've always deplored his crass talk and vulgarity. And I hate him surrounding himself with war mongers. That doesn't mean he shouldn't get credit for his positive moves. You appear, on the other hand, to be a Trump hater who, like the liberal media, want to see him destroyed.

    Maybe we're both wrong and actually agree more than we disagree.

  3. Which of Trump's virtues (as opposed to his flaws) have I criticized him on?

  4. Which have you praised him for? All I've seen in your comments is condemnation. Can you point to a time you praised him for his pro-life actions, for example? I sure don't remember it.

    So my reasoned conclusion based on your comments is that you are a never-Trumper who would like to see the liberals succeed in destroying his presidency. I would be happy to be proved wrong.

  5. That is not a reasoned conclusion but an uncharitable assumption. But I appreciate your admission that I have not criticized Trump's virtues.