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Friday, May 4, 2018

Guest Post: On the Unraveling of Mark Shea

All Mark Shea fans,
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by Antigon

Editor's Note: I received this response to yesterday's post about Mark Shea and baby Alfie Evans. I think it warrants its own post.

Mark Shea is a genuinely sad case. Deciding to become a virulent Bergoglio man, he has pretty clearly abandoned what he would have called, back when he still had some wit, the-thing-that-used-to-be-Catholicism. So, however painfully depressing, it's not surprising he also seems fairly well to have lost his mind.
His constant and truly frenzied rants are now, in substance, little different from folk like Kathy Griffin or Kurt Eichenwald, however occasionally dressed with an unconvincing RC veneer. He claims still to be against abortion, but writes post after post denouncing any who seriously fight it; didn't just oppose Trump, but openly promoted the election of Hillary Clinton; insists we are obliged to accept Roe is forever, and work instead for the destruction of the Republican (but not Democratic) Party; and that we can only seriously be 'more pro-life' (his regular refrain) if we first embrace and effectively support the manic left positions of the Dem Party - complete open borders, gun confiscation with relevant pretenses, criticism of Soros is anti-semitic, Russia elected Trump, God wants him impeached, now!, the whole crazy shtick.
Even, alas, to the point of now defending the cold-blooded killers of Alfie Evans, on the grounds these had the expertise to know, unlike his parents, that death, of all things, was in the boy's best interest; and, in line as ever with Dem Party thought, denouncing any and all who suggested otherwise for exploiting the boy, and doing so most likely as but a ruse to promote Trump. He accordingly ignored the international nature of the outcry, save for Francis, whom Shea felt was just being his wonderfully kindly self, if perhaps in this case a trifle naively.
Long before the Catholic Register sacked him, and after too, old friends made serious efforts urging him to calm down and steady himself: whereupon he repudiated those friendships. His pre-Bergoglio blog used to include spirited and serious debate, with not infrequently over 500 comments. He's long since blocked any who seriously challenge his views, and now, on the rare occasions he gets more than a dozen responses, they're virtually always the same ten folks commenting on and praising each others comments; and, save for only rare and always silly posts from opponents used as straw men to pummel, the regulars are uniformly sycophantic.
It has been painful to watch this public unravelling, and frankly hard to understand. Best guess, perhaps, is that somewhere Shea knew he couldn't with honesty defend both Bergoglio and the Faith, he bet on Bergoglio, and the dichotomy broke him.


  1. Watching him unravel has not been painful for me. He's showing himself to be what I thought he was all along.

  2. Sad that we have come this far when we can't "with honesty defend Bergoglio and the Faith."

    I think we have to pray not only for the pope to retreat from error but also for all those pew sitting Catholics who follow him in ignorant bliss.

  3. Very astute reflection on a fallen soul.

  4. I posted a comment on the infamous Mark Shea post on Alfie Evans. I was immediately banned. But that didn't stop Mark's supporters from dumping on me. And, of course, I cannot respond.

  5. I stopped reading Mark Shea awhile back. He makes me wonder what is in his past making him so against orthodoxy.

  6. “... we can only seriously be 'more pro-life' (his regular refrain) if we first embrace and effectively support the manic left positions of the Dem Party - ..., gun confiscation with relevant pretenses...”.
    That quote from your article makes me wonder if Shea is somehow linked to this new group which claims to be pro-Life, yet says that one cannot be truly pro-life unless one is for gun-control. I learned about the new group thanks to the exposition of the group on She calls this new group, titled the NPLM, (so-called New Pro Life Movement), the Non Pro Life Mutation. Hmmm. I wonder if Soros is backing the fake-Pro-Life groups, like he backed the fake Catholic groups!?! Beware of the fakes!

    May God get through to the fake ones and the hard hearted ones and convert them. Thank you for your interesting article.

  7. Is there anyone who has developed a spread sheet detailing all of his

    . Refusals to debate those he has slandered

    . Weepy apologies that last as long as the flash of a lightning strike

    . Promises to never again do what he was compelled to apologise for

    In any event, he remains one of the biggest bloggers out there

  8. Amateur Brain Surgeon, someone seriously needs to compile a listing of Shea's antics,,heresies, contradictions, and if possible, all of his inconvenient posts from years gone by that he's scrubbed from the internet.

  9. It's not hard to understand Mark Shea's demise. First, Shea is a neo-Ultramontanist in the extreme. He makes Rex Mottram look like Hans Kueng. Essentially, he believes Catholicism is the Pope and the Pope is Catholicism. In that vein, he's no different than the rest of the Apologetics-Industrial Complex, who are nothing but shills for the Catholic Establishment.

    Second, and more importantly, Shea always has been intolerant of opposing views. Even in his salad days, he routinely engaged in personal attacks against people who disagreed, deliberately distorted their views, engaged in straw-man arguments and feigned victimization when caught.

    Shea also stalks people to try to deliberately destroy their reputations. He stalked me for years on every Catholic blog imaginable. He's doing the same to a pro-life priest, right now. He called one person's boss to complain about an argument left on his blog.

    Shea is an obsessive, vile, creepy bully. Period. Exclamation point.