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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Two Pathetic Archbishops Affirmed the Killing of Alfie Evans!

One of the most scandalous aspect of Little Alfie Evans murder was the behavior of Liverpool
archbishop, Malcolm McMahon and President of the Vatican Academy for Life, Vencenzo Paglia. Both undermined Alfie's parents and affirmed the hospital's neglect. A good Italian priest stationed in London who ministered to the parents dared to prick the consciences of the medical staff at Alder Hey reminding them they would have to answer to God. He was removed through the efforts of the pathetic Liverpool archbishop. LifeSiteNews reported:

LIVERPOOL, April 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Alfie Evans’ chaplain has allegedly been removed from the child’s cubicle at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.
Don Gabriele Brusco defended Alfie when
his own bishop abandoned him to the wolves!
Don Gabriele Brusco, an Italian priest stationed in London, had been sent by Bishop Calvina of the diocese of Carpi, to minister to Alfie’s needs. He administered the sacrament of the anointing of the sick to little Alfie. 
While at the hospital, the priest appealed to the consciences of the hospital staff, reminding them that God would judge them for their sins against Alfie’s life. Apparently, the staff did not like this. 
According to the Italian newspaper La Nuova Bussola, a meeting between Pope Francis and Malcolm McMahon, the Archbishop of Liverpool, has led to Father Brusco’s forced return to London.
Benedetta Frigerio, who has tirelessly reported on Alfie’s case for the newspaper, observed that although McMahon could not cover the seven kilometres between his residence and the hospital to visit the Catholic child and his parents, he could find time to fly to Rome. She suggested, acerbically, that the archbishop had fed the pontiff “a pile of lies.  [More here...]
And then there's Paglia, the president of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life, who called the ventilator "overzealous treatment" and also affirmed the judge's decision. You know Paglia, right? He's the one with the homo-erotic mural in his cathedral with his half-naked self embracing a presumed homosexual with a bare butt. Really, is it any wonder he would affirm the actions of gay-activist judge? Are we surprised?

The man in the red hat is Paglia.
So here we have it -- two archbishops affirming this diabolical situation which involved two issues that violate Catholic teaching: usurping parents' authority over their children and deliberately bringing about the death of a sick child through neglect (passive euthanasia) against the parents' decision to continue treatment. Remember, the hospital didn't just pull the ventilator. They also planned to starve and dehydrate Alfie to death while they gave him drugs to cause chemical suffocation. Too bad for them the toddler kept breathing bringing a tsunami of bad press. Even so, Tom Evans had to fight for everything for that poor sick baby and, of course, they got what they wanted. [When you read about the "world class care" this baby supposedly got, remember the Alder Hey scandal about stealing baby body parts!]

It's clergy like McMahon and Paglia that undermine the Catholic faith. I thank God I don't put my trust in men. If I did, I would have left the Church long ago. But McMahon and Paglia are Judases and Fr. John Hardon said many times, the reason Jesus chose Judas as one of his apostles was so we would not despair when we saw betrayal from our own bishops. I just wish we didn't have so many Judases among them! Pray for the clergy! They have been given the power to call down Christ Himself on the altar.  Think what a judgment awaits Christ's betrayers!

Lord Jesus, our High Priest, have mercy on us.

Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.


  1. An awful fact exists that must be fought against. And that is the idea that the end of our life is somehow less precious than the day we were born.

    So many babies are induced or scheduled for delivery today, I think people have gotten the idea it is a doctor or a patient's choice when a life on earth will begin and establish a birthdate.

    Is it any wonder the same medical community would think it had the right to decide a life is done and a death certificate is in order?

    The power over life and death must be a very awesome thing, but man is not a mechanical thing that can be switched on and off as we please.

    There will be hell to pay for those who fail to understand this.

  2. Two pathetic archbishops and the posturing pope who refused to correct them.