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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Age Is Supposed to Bring Wisdom, but These Grandmothers Champion Murder!

O most pernicious woman
O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!
My tales, -- meet it is I set down
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain;
At least I'm sure it may be so in [Maine].
Hamlet Act 1 scene 5
Grandmas for Abortion

The acronym of these grandmothers from Maine is GRR (Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights) and all I can say is it's an insult to animals that go "grr...."

I remember a squirrel who carefully moved her babies from a tree we were cutting down at our old house. She very methodically carried each tiny bundle of fur down the tree in her mouth and relocated them to a safe place. What a good mother! Rescuing them from the treecutter's axe.

I've often watched small birds attack a bigger bird threatening their nest.

And we all know how dangerous it is to get between a mama bear and her cubs.

No, these women don't even have the hearts of a squirrel or a bunny rabbit. The abortionist is their ally as they champion the murder of their own offspring. They have the heart of Medea who, after murdering her brother and her father, murdered her children to revenge Jason for his infidelity. An evil woman is an appalling thing.

I know grandmothers who helped their daughters get abortions. At the pregnancy center where I volunteered for eight years, one of my associates was trying to save babies from abortion in atonement for helping her own daughter abort her grandchild years earlier. Many repentant post-aborted women work in the pro-life movement to make reparation and to honor their children. It also helps them to heal. God is indeed merciful!

Medea killing her children
Fr. Stephen Imbarratto, a priest active in the Red Rose Rescues, pressured his girlfriend to get an abortion when he was a young man. Years later he met with her to apologize and found out he lost twins. He was the first father to speak at the March for Life about the regret a father feels for his involvement in abortion.

I used to sidewalk counseled regularly back in the 1980s with another priest who drove a young woman for an abortion when he was in high school. He wasn't the dad, but he "helped" his friend kill her baby. Much evil is done out of ignorance. But the grandmothers of GRR don't sound ignorant. They sound like crusaders for Satan. Here's how they describe themselves (with my comments in red):
We are proud of the progress we made in the 20th century to improve access to reproductive services (i.e., to make sure women could kill their helpless babies in the womb), but every day we see more signs that our rights to healthcare (to kill babies) are being eroded by new restrictions (to prevent murder of the unborn). We are frustrated that despite our past efforts (to advance the right to kill), our daughters and granddaughters may still be denied their reproductive rights (to avoid responsibility by killing unwanted babies often conceived in lust). At the same time, we’ve been inspired by grandmothers around the world taking action to make the world a better place for younger generations. (!!! They champion killing younger generations. What hypocrisy!)
To think of grandmothers championing the killing of their own grandbabies is an abomination to me! They are the false mothers illustrated by the woman in the Solomon story who wanted the living baby cut in half after her own child died. Misery always loves company and it would be insightful to know how many of these women either are justifying their own abortions or the fact they facilitated the murder of their own grandbabies.

They remind me not only of Medea, but of Lady Macbeth whose lust for power made her pray to have her womanly instincts killed so she could murder without compunction.

Is Margaret Sanger hell's queen?
What can be more unnatural than for a mother or grandmother to champion and work to advance murder, especially murder of the innocent -- especially the murder of her own flesh and blood.

An evil woman is a satanic thing. Satan is a mocker. He no doubt has a queen of hell at his right hand crowned with serpents, perhaps Margaret Sanger, who served him so well throughout her life and continues to do so through Planned Parenthood, the killing industry she created. I can just imagine the minor demon acolytes incensing her with sulphur while they sing a litany to her black heart of selfishness, lust, and murder.

Pray for the poor, stupid grannies worshipping at the altar of death and destruction!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on them.

Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for them.

Holy Spirit of God, enlighten their hearts and convert them before the day of judgment.