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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Heartbeat Bill Passes in Iowa: Court Challenge Inevitable

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds signs abortion bill
flanked by pro-life supporters. 
Iowa Governor Signs Bill Banning Most Abortions after Six Weeks

I remember back in 1973 after Roe v. Wade when all the dim bulbs on the left predicted the issue was over and abortion would be accepted within a few months. Little did they know they had lit a fuse that would create one of the longest civil wars in American history.

While feminists and gays joined ranks under the slogan "my body, my choice," pro-life Americans opened centers for women and began sidewalk counseling outside abortion mills. The technology advanced and ultrasound opened a window to the womb.

The inevitable horrors of circuit rider abortionists, filthy facilities, babies bodies spilling out of garbage trucks, moms bleeding to death or dying of septicemia exposing the "safe and legal" lie.... All the ugly realities of abortion began to touch hearts despite a complicit mainstream media, a biased press, TV shows trying to normalize the murder, etc. The truth continued to stand up to the lie. And defectors abounded: women themselves who grieved for their babies and recognized the verbal manipulation worked on them with the talk of "products of conception,"  conscious-stricken abortion mill workers witnessing calloused doctors treating women like cattle in a slaughter house, abortionists themselves who finally recognized what they were doing as they reassembled the broken bodies of their little victims.

Famous defectors: Bernard Nathanson who helped
frame the narrative that led to Roe and "Jane Roe,"
Norma McCorvey whose case was build on lies!
David Deleiden's undercover assault on Planned Parenthood's gruesome baby body parts business outflanked the enemy who immediately regrouped  and looked for reinforcement among their liberal allies in the courts. But the damage was clear. A large part of their propaganda involves the mask of compassion and concern for the mothers. Selling babies' bodies exposed the false narrative for what it is. The money-grubbing employees of the biggest abortion provider in the country talking about using the best method to provide an intact specimen for sale presented an ugly picture of the gruesome and unethical abortion business.

The heartbeat bill is one more battle in the abortion wars. Will the courts once again affirm the right to mostly unrestricted child killing? If they do, the battle will go on. Nothing they do, no temporary victory, will crush the resistance because this isn't just a war against flesh and blood, it's a war between God and Satan. And no matter how many battles the dark side appears to win against life (like the recent killing of little Alfie in England), those fighting for life will never quit! And the defectors in the war are almost all moving from the dark side into the light. Their defeat is inevitable!

Please pray for abortionists and their staff today, especially for those on the brink of defecting. We don't want their death and destruction, but their conversion.

Jesus, Lord of Life, have mercy on them.

Our Lady of Life, pray for them.

St. Dismas, repentant thief on Calvary, pray for them.

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  1. ".....little did they know that they were lighting the fuse to the longest civil war in American History." Very astute and pertinent observation