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Sunday, July 22, 2018

On Cultural Appropriation and Whoopi Goldberg

Culturally insensitive first graders do Mexican Hat Dance!
You've all heard the diatribes against those who commit the mortal sin of "cultural appropriation." You know -- if you're a gringo don't you dare open a taco stand. If you're a little girl who wants a "geisha" tea party for your birthday, be prepared to be shamed and ridiculed. And of course don't you dare dress up on Halloween in a gypsy outfit or an Indian headdress (unless, of course, you're a gypsy or an Indian like -- play laugh track --  Elizabeth Warren). And burn that sombrero and that can-can dancer's outfit! All of these are big no-no's in the ever-growing list of politically incorrect sins.

Of course, all these definitions come from the left, and the rules are thus selectively applied.

Sooo, it's perfectly fine for Whoopi Goldberg to drop her real name (Caryn Johnson) and pick up a Jewish surname. Now personally, I'm still focused on her first name wondering whether it should make me think of whoopie pies or whoopie cushions. Maybe both -- for reasons that are obvious.

Caryn Johnson aka Whoopi Goldberg
At any rate, Whoopi is clearly guilty of cultural appropriation and should go back to her real name at once. By adopting a Jewish surname she insinuates that the chosen people are a race of uneducated, hysterical, rude, and culturally insensitive leftists.

Is adopting a clearly ethnic pseudonym less egregious than doing the Mexican hat dance? If the left wants to scream about cultural appropriation let them start with all the offensive things they do.

Just think. Isn't the entire black cast of Hamilton guilty of cultural appropriation? The traveling show's casting call made it clear whites were not welcome to audition, but all of the founders depicted in the show were white men mostly of English extraction. Isn't having them all played by blacks similar to whites putting on black face? I demand the cast be disbanded at once in the name of political correctness.

How dare the cast of Hamilton commit the
sin of cultural appropriation of white Englishmen!
And while we're on the subject of appropriation, how about considering "gender" appropriation!

I call on all the men pretending to be women and the women pretending to be men to stop their gender appropriation at once! That's the only thing I can agree with the radical feminist about. Men are men and women are women, and dressing up in tights, spangles, with fake eyelashes and lipstick will never make a man a woman. Amen!

You know what they say about trying to use a sow's ear to make a silk purse. Well, that saying applies here in spades.

James O'Keefe addressed similar concerns about cultural appropriation in 2011 at Rutgers when he spoofed the dean and sought to get Lucky Charms banned from the cafeteria. He didn't use the term "cultural appropriation" since it wasn't coined at the time, but he illustrates how absolutely ridiculous this can get!

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Susan Matthiesen said...

From a whoopee's in her wiki bio. Only a liberal would name themselves after flatulence.

Maybe we should just call her by that name - FLATULENCE GOLDBERG.