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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Are Warren County Virginians the Smartest in the State? They're "Just Sayin' No!" to the Jab.

Editor's Note: A friend of mine sent this out to his email list. He summarizes the statistics in Warren County for the number taking the COVID experimental biological agent. Good for them! And two thumbs up to my friend for this common sense post! You can check out the Virginia data county by county here. I don't know if Warren is the lowest, but it is certainly among the lowest. 

I didn't see it but I was told that Washington's TV channel 4 had a report that Warren County's people have been the least receptive to being vaccinated. There are reasons for that. Not only are we smart, we are less likely to be consumers of the Covid propaganda broadcast by mainstream media such as Washington's channel 4. The manager always has channel 4 on a TV at the gym where I workout so I'm familiar with the hysteria that the channel's local news programs spread on behalf of Governor Northam's health mafia and teachers' unions by just reporting alleged daily "new cases" but never reporting mortality rates.

Some of us "country folks" can put 2 and 2 together better than Northern Virginians who watch so much propaganda on TV. Instead, we read VA Health Department statistics on the VDH website. We know that after 15 months of a so-called deadly pandemic, Virginia has had only 11,097 confirmed or "probable" deaths (with or of covid) out of a population of 8,536,000. Math geniuses that we are, we can compute that 99.9% of Virginians either never got covid or survived it. Is that 0.1 of 1% mortality rate worth all of the vaccine risk? We also know that 73% of those who died were from the small demographic of over 70 years old and many of those lived in long-term care facilities and had underlying medical conditions that may have killed them anyhow within a couple of years.

Further,we know that young people are practically impervious to covid-19 harm. Forcing school children to wear masks is anti-science and bad for their mental health. In the huge demographic below age 20 only 557 required hospital care and only 4 died with covid but may have had underlying conditions. What Warren County parent would be so stupid as to voluntaily submit themselves or their children to injections of a substance which has known minor and major immediate side effects (including death) and possible long-term deadly side effects such as a compromised immune system and dementia?

So far, our resistance to vaccine-related propaganda has been passive. When the coercion starts, as it inevitably will as long as Democrats control the U.S. government and Richmond, I wonder what we'll do. Will our elected officials "follow the science" or stupidly "follow the propaganda"?


  1. I would modify "gene therapy" to "experimental biological agent". Spend the syllables. And watch mercola interview with seneff.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I did it. I'll use that term from now on. Therapy implies something positive and I see nothing positive about it. I've been watching the Seneff interview. I'll be blogging about that. Interesting connection to glyphosate and destruction of the immune system