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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

What the....???? This is the Man Who Tells Us All We have to Wear Masks All the Time....

 ....and shouldn't even have more than a few family members for outside 4th of July celebrations? He and DOCTOR Biden meet with two vulnerable, elderly people without masks and not social distancing? Not only that, but isn't this the president who tells us we should avoid unnecessary travel? This photo says it all. It defines extreme hypocrisy! They don't believe their own fear-mongering hype!


  1. They have all taken the experimental biological agent and noone has not.

  2. There is something very wrong with that photograph. Check the proportions. Jimmy and Rosalynn are elderly, but they are not Lilliputians. If they stood up, they might not be higher than Joe and his Nurse’s waists. If they stood up, the bottom of the pictures would be below the giants’ waists. Jimmie and Risalynn’s heads are 2/3 the size of Joe and the Nurse. It’s one of the strangest pictures I’ve ever seen, actually. When I first saw it, I thought they were wax figures - they just couldn’t be real.

    Lotta people speculating about what this means, right now.

  3. When I first saw it I thought it was from the Babylon Bee so I did some research. A number of people said that could happen if the room was small and the photographer used a wide angle lens which would distort the picture. The fact that the Bidens were leaning forward and the Carters were leaning backwards would emphasize the distortion even more. I'd say that photographer will never get a gig at the White House. As for the Carter Center, the folks who published that photo must be blind.

  4. Jill looks fat. Joe is more massive than the chair. If they stood up both of them would reach the ceiling. Fake photo...not because Jill isn't fat in real life, but because why would she ever let a picture of herself be published looking so overweight?

  5. Hmmm....One of my trolls commented that nobody needed to wear masks because they were all fully vaccinated. Oh...and I'm evil and she hopes I repent before I die because I'm not a servant of God and I lie a lot.

    This is a woman who always told me how "judgmental" I am. LOL!

    Actually I hadn't thought about the the vaccination issue since Joe wears a mask almost everywhere he goes and had one on OUTSIDE the Carter's house. Confusing isn't it? Wonder if the cameraman was masked and whatever staff folks were on the scene and the Secret Service agents.

    Now if I had been there I would definitely have worn a mask to protect myself from the spike proteins being given off by the death vaxxed Carters and Bidens.