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Monday, May 17, 2021

On COVID: Treatment, Natural Immunity, Vaccine Hesitancy, Informed Consent, Vaccination Risks, Etc.

The debunking and ridicule of doctors who won't support the COVID party line continues. Those who support the off-label treatments with HCQ and Ivermectin are treated like quacks and what an uproar against those who suggest the "vaccine" is dangerous and, perhaps, even a bio-weapon that turns the bodies of the vaccinated into spike protein factories that can infect the non-vaccinated. Many medical people debunk this theory, but other equally accredited doctors support it.

What's going on? Who knows? The goal posts keep being moved by the CDC. For example, after the election they started requiring COVID diagnoses to be based not only on symptoms but a positive COVID test. That reduced the number of cases significantly letting the Biden administration take credit for a miraculous decrease in the number suffering from the disease. Poof! Easy-peasy.

And how about the minescule number of flu cases recorded for 2019/2020 compared to previous years. Wow! COVID measures almost eliminated the flu and don't you dare suggest that many flu cases including deaths were recorded as COVID statistics.

Anyway, check out these articles on COVID, protocols, and the "Vaccine." Do the research for your own benefit!

1) May 6, 2021: TEXAS SENATE HEARING; COVID VACCINES DID HAVE ANIMAL TRIALS, ALL WERE HALTED BECAUSE THEY KEPT DYING This is a hearing on a bill to prevent firing of people who decline to take the vaccine. There've been more COVID vaccine deaths in four months than all vaccine deaths between 1997 and 2013! And all the risk is on the individual because the pharmaceutical and medical communities have been granted immunity and aren't liable for adverse reactions, even deaths! "Ultimately it's up to the individual to decide." The doctors testifying work directly with COVID patients and stressed the autonomy of patients to decide whether to vax or not. Impressive credentials.

I found this paragraph interesting:
Who are the vaccine hesitant? More than half of police officers, the majority of detained or incarcerated persons, nearly 40% of U.S. Marines, and in some areas more than half of healthcare workers would decline to get the jab without coercion. An online survey conducted by the scientists of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed that about 41% of U.S. residents were unwilling to receive the shots. The main reason is concern about safety.

3)  A five-day course of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 may reduce the duration of illness. This was a randomized, controlled trial and yet ivermectin is still being discouraged in many places. My own doctor said in April, their practice won't prescribe it because it's "not approved." When I pointed out that "Neither is the "vaccine;" she disagreed. I said, "It's got an emergency authorization," and then gave up. But now in May, one of the doctor's in the practice is willing to prescribe ivermectin. Hopefully, the times they are a-changin'. 

4) LifeSiteNews has an extensive library of videos, interviews with doctors, etc. about the virus and the risks of the vaccines. Check it out at What You Should Know Before Getting the COVID Vaccine.

5) COVID "vaccine" is killing people! Biggest number of vaccine deaths ever. Absolutely watch this. It's shocking that the CDC has conspired to keep this information from the American people! Check out Also, realize that those who recover from COVID have a 17-year immunity. There is not a single study showing that COVID-recovered patients benefit from the vaccine. In fact, they have greater complications from the vaccine. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Be your own health advocate. No one cares more about your health and the health of your family than you do! Check out the COVID guide at

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