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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Will the USCCB Encourage their Members to Bar Pro-abortion Catholic Politicians from Communion at their June Meeting?

Is Nancy Narnia's white witch?
Nancy Pelosi says she's pleased by the Vatican's statement to the U.S. bishops about reception of Holy Communion. According to Catholic Vote, "The document Pelosi was referring to told the U.S. bishops to discuss the matter among themselves, to avoid public controversy and division, and ultimately to leave the question between politicians and their local Catholic authorities." It also referred to past teaching on the issue and told the bishops that any statement shouldn't single out a specific group, but be in the context of worthiness for Communion in general. (See Canon 915)

What's especially concerning in all this is the fact that Cardinals Cupich and Tobin (Joseph) went to Rome to lobby the CDF for the Pelosi position. Who does that remind you of? As Raymond Arroyo said on The World Over May 13th, "The McCarrick doctrine lives." Arroyo interviewed Cardinal Gerhard Mueller and author George Weigel on the issue. Cardinal Mueller was very clear:

Jesus didn't come for a dialogue... I think these two bishops came to Rome as members or representatives of the Democratic party, but the bishops are representatives of Jesus Christ... and cannot make here some games of power and diplomacy....We must be very open and real and respect the truth and what always in 2000 years was very wrong was when the bishops were too close to political reasons and games and not in line with the truth.

George Weigel said the visit by the two bishops was "extraordinary,"  that they went to Rome to interfere with the U.S. bishops upcoming June metting to get the Holy See to "throw a spanner in the works." He thought their action would backfire:

I think this whole thing is going to energize individual bishops to take up their responsibilities with the Catholic public officials under their spiritual guidance in a much more vigorous way. 

You can watch the entire 28 minute video here

There are few clerics clearer than Cardinal Mueller. He and Weigel go on to discuss with Arroyo the situation in Germany where the Church is verging on heresy. Clerics all over the country recently carried out blessings of homosexual couples in many cities under the program "Love Wins." Weigel said about such actions:

This is apostasy. This is a denial of the fundamental reality of divine revelation...If this is not addressed forcefully either b the bishops of Germany...or Rome...then We are going to have a Church in Germany that is de facto an apostate Church  and no longer can be considered as part of the Communion of Catholic faith....This is apostasy and it's time to start describing it for what it is.

The authority of the Church has been seriously undermined for decades, especially after Vatican II and now under our Pachamama Pope, Francis. Mueller continually went back to the problem of politicalization of the Church and Nancy Pelosi's comment illustrates that in spades. She and her cronies want to continue to play "devout" Catholic while they mock everything the Church stands for. Bishop McElroy spewed nonsense about "weaponizing the Eucharist" when, in fact, denying Communion to those like Pelosi is like snatching poison from someone about to consume it. The Eucharist for Pelosi makes her not more like Christ, but more like the demon she serves. Stopping her is an act of charity!

I believe the Democrats own a minority of the bishops, like Cupich, Tobin, Seitz of El Paso, Stowe of Lexington, McElroy of San Diego, Gregory of D.C., and others of their ilk. They continually scandalize the faithful in the pews and the general public and bring contempt on Holy Mother Church as they work to confirm egregious evils plaguing our country. Do most of their brother bishops agree with them? I doubt it. However and sadly, most of their brother bishops cower in silence as these Judases assault the faith. Like the cowardly bishops of England under Henry VIII, they just go along like bobble head dolls to avoid controversy.

St. John Fisher

Thank God at least a few true shepherds walk in the steps of the English martyr bishop John Fisher -- men like Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco, Bishop Strickland of Tyler, TX,  Bishop Hying of Madison, WI, Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix, Archbishop Aquila of Denver, and a handful of others. They are immediately attacked by the liberal cabal headed by Cardinal Cupich who wears McCarrick's mantle as chief church wrecker in the U.S.

So what are the laity to do? Years ago I was attacked at a home school conference by an acquaintance who told me I was committing a mortal sin by doing the newsletter. I went and spoke to Fr. John Hardon, S.J. who was one of the speakers. When I asked him whether it was sinful to publish the Les Femmes newsletter, he said that if the bishops won't exercise their authority to defend the faith, the laity must. So for 25 years I've continued, by the grace of God and the intercession of the Blessed Mother, to publish. I never ask for money and rarely take unpaid subscriptions off the mailing list. I send it to every priest in the Diocese of Arlington. For 25 years Our Lady has provided the finances to continue with the help of "angels" who support the work to the tune now of about $50,000, all of which goes to publication and costs of the website.

To proclaim the truth is the sacred duty of every member of the Church in season and out. Faithful Catholics currently live in a bitter winter of disbelief. We are outnumbered by our cafeteria brethren. Rather than hunker down, we are called to put on our mufflers and boots and go out to rescue those lost in the blizzard of ignorance including people like Nancy Pelosi, who resembles the wicked white witch of the Narnia tales. 

We must take up the sword of truth, the word of God and divide truth from error, beauty from ugliness, and orthodoxy from heresy and apostasy. It's our birthright from baptism and our obligation as soldiers of Christ anointed at Confirmation.

Let's roll!


  1. How do I contribute and get your Newsletter? (BTW, I'm in Arlington Diocese too!)

  2. We post the newsletter at my website I continue the paper copy because I send it to all the priests in the diocese. But if you would like to receive the hard copy send me your address via the webmaster on the other site and I'll send you the latest copy along with some past copies. If you ever get out to Woodstock in the Shenandoah Valley look us up. I'm always happy to have coffee or host a new friend for our Sunday brunch.

  3. The answer to your question is........wait for it............NO!