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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Mortality Risk of the Wuhan Virus: Stop the Fear, Share the Truth!

Yes, people die from Covid. Guess what, people die from a lot of things. In fact, SURPRISE! No one gets out of this life alive! What is your actual mortality risk from the virus? That depends. For some it's miniscule:

Healthy 35-year-old woman
If unlucky enough to catch coronavirus, chance of surviving = 99.9991%. The chance of dying is less than the fatality risk of a general anaesthetic for a procedure

For others, it's greater:

85 year old man with co-morbidities* 
If unlucky enough to catch coronavirus, chance of surviving = 79.9154%. The chance of dying is less than the risk of living for one year in a care home.

Study the chart above. If you have underlying health conditions that increase your risk, ask yourself how to increase the odds of your fighting off the virus well. The easiest, if you aren't doing it already, is to take Vitamin D3. Almost everyone is seriously deficient. Does your primary physician test your vitamin D levels? He should. 

Read up on ways to boost your immune system. 

If you are 50 or 100 pounds overweight, lose some weight. Easier said than done, you say? Of course, but fear is a great motivator. When I had cancer at 39 I went on a real health kick for a year: eating right, exercising. I lost about ten pounds and was nearly back to my wedding weight of 124. Every time I looked at a piece of cake or considered drinking a soda, I thought about how sugar is poison. I probably put a thousand miles on my bike that year. When I didn't die, however, I confess I went back to my hot fudge sundaes.

The terror that has been generated in the population is inexcusable. Yes, Covid is serious. That's why it's sensible to do everything you can to boost your immune system and practice practical prevention measures like washing your hands frequently and avoiding crowds.  But where was Dr. Fauci when the data came out that most deaths occurred in those deficient in Vitamin D3? Where was the medical advice to take supplements and adopt good health practices? Masking is pretty ineffective.

In my opinion, Fauci is a quack and a snake oil salesman who couldn't care less about people's health. What kind of doctor says it's up to you to take your chances on a one night stand if you're willing to take the risk but warns you to stay away from your family? He bears responsibility for the development of the virus at the Chinese lab as well. He funded it knowing safety issues were a serious problem. He bears even more responsibility for the insane reaction to the virus that threw millions out of work and added massive stress, compromised people's immune systems and put us all under house arrest. How many teenage suicides did he enable?

Join the Truth Team. Share the mortality risks of the Wuhan virus and encourage people to beef up their immune systems. Remember that over 99.9% of people under 80 with no underlying health conditions survive Covid. Even with underlying health conditions, 95.6% of men under 80 and 97.6% of women survive the virus. That doesn't lessen the grief of families for those who die, but it puts into perspective the fact that the virus is not the black plague. It's time to stop acting like it is. And wearing masks outside and while exercising is unscientific and irrational. Just stop it!


  1. We are in our 60's, and just recovered from Covid. We are not overweight and in generally good condition, all thanks to God. It was not a good time, but, we got through it, Our Lord and Our Lady saw us through. Our immune system, given to us by God, generally knows what to do. You are completely correct, boost the immune system with Vit D3, Vit C, daily vitamin, Zinc, Magnesium, and consider Quercetin (which we had but did not take) in the case of active infection. There are protocols for before the virus and it generally gets upped with active Covid. There is a study just published at American Journal of Therapeutics on the efficacy of Ivermectin, which looks like a miracle drug for Covid. Many studies are discussed. I believe it is May's issue. If people really want to be proactive, get in shape as best you can. Virtually everyone can improve their physical status in some way. We take walks every day. Try to take a walk every day. Being in God's sunshine and hearing birds is good medicine! And more Vit D for you. I don't know about you, but outside is where I perceive God's presence most. Praying the rosary on a walk is just wonderful.
    Everyone wants to live, but we are spiritual beings. It is tragic that our church has betrayed itself as a primarily materialistic NGO, abandoning the spiritual nourishment of the people in a time of crisis, It is time for us to reclaim our right, reclaim our culture, get children outside and playing games with each other as they NEED to do, and end this climate of fear. Yes, one day God will call us home, at a time He decides. Where is our trust. Where is our confidence in God to take care of us, or call us home if He decides.

  2. I agree with everything you say here, Evangeline. Thanks so much for posting. I was doing all the things you describe before I contracted Covid in early March. It was "not a good time" as you say. I was very sick for almost two weeks. On day four I called the Front Line Doctors and got a prescription for Ivermectin after the ER (I went to be evaluated and get lab work on day 2) told me to just "tough it out" and come back if I got worse. I began taking Ivermectin on day six. My temperature was back to normal by day 10 and stayed there. I never had any respiratory symptoms despite having an autoimmune disease that can affect my lungs. I've been shocked at how many serious Catholics are acting like scared rabbits. Who is the author of life and death? It's not Fauci and Gates! It seems that at our local Novus Ordo parish more people than ever are wearing masks. It's crazy. Almost no one wears masks at the traditional Latin Masses in the area. A by-product of traditionalism appears to be greater trust in God.


  3. Was at a special traditional Latin Mass today for St. Joseph. One person only wore the mask of enslavement. I have traveled a bit and always seek out the FSSP parishes for example. They, and my own home (novus ordo with A Sunday TLM) have not been wearing the face diaper and--guess what!--no sickness to report at all. They do not work! They are a sign of compliance to the powers that be that --bottom line--want you dead.

  4. Good way to "reduce the surplus population."

  5. Ivermectin, zinc, vitamins C and D.

    Especially guilty for deaths are the bishops, priests, doctors, managers of facilities for the elderly, owners of newspapers and radio and TV stations, and the many others who have posed as dispensers of helpful information (putting up the posters, laying down the tape on the floor, pumping out the propaganda) while participating in the conspriracy of total silence about the known prophylactic and curative treatments.

    I have heard NOTHING from any bishop, priest, or doctor that was remotely truthful during the past 15 months.

    Blood. Hands. No assembly required.

  6. I have been taking Ivermectiin, D3, Quercetin, Zinc, etc. I am a fat, diabetic 60 year old, and I get pneumonia every year around March 15. The ides of March, indeed! But I didn’t get sick last year, and so far, this year, I have been okay. But I have noticed the decline in my spiritual health. Going to Mass at my church is almost demoralizing to the point of why bother? But I am fasting more regularly now. Praying too. Thank you for this blog.

  7. I'm so glad you've stayed healthy physically this year, MmeScherzo. I know what you mean about Mass being demoralizing. I struggle at our Novus Ordo parish because so many people seem to have so little faith and seem to fear Covid more than they fear God. I had the virus and it was no picnic, but it brought my husband and me a great gift. When our bishop cancelled all the Masses, the SSPX came to our rescue. The seminary in Dillwyn, VA began sending us priests to offer Mass and Confession at the fairgrounds in Front Royal following the government mandates. Our bishop could have done that. He chose not to. We never missed a Sunday Mass thanks to the SSPX. So when Masses resumed in the diocese we decided to go to daily Mass at our local parish, but we now attend a Tridentine High Mass every Sunday with a schola.

    The Mass is beautiful, reverent, with periods for prayerful silence. The vestments are magnificent and the altar arrangements dignified and lovely. (No Pachamama plant on our altar.) We meet in a small office complex while we raise money to buy land and begin the building of a church. It is our little stable of Bethlehem as our priest calls it. I hope you can find a church to feed your soul. Not everyone can live near an FSSP parish or an SSPX chapel or event a reverent NO parish. The gong show is still alive in many parishes.

    When I was in Texas recently I attended a small Novus Ordo parish where the Mass was reverent, the priest obviously devout, the sermon excellent, and the people respectful of the holiness of the place. Talking to people outside, I was edified by their faith and devotion. The young father who heads the K of C impressed me. I will pray that you find a spiritual home where you find peace, love, and joy. We need that a lot more than masks and social distancing!